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Take a call from John in Williams, Iowa agreement John and welcome to the Bohannon show. Is exciting to be on the Jim Bohannon show. I've been listening to you for a while. I really like your attitudes and perspectives. So my question is this frightening scenario of electronic and space-based warfare and genius ground-based computer attacks against infrastructure, and all these advanced weapons in this incredible planning that other nations might inflict upon the US really kind of more likely that we're describing what the US could cause to occur upon other nations who attacked freedom. I mean, are we really much more menacing in these regards than than any other nation in technology. Hey, glad to be on JIMBO. Wow. Thanks. Thanks for your call. John. The of course, the scenario spelled out at the beginning of the book future war is more or less an opening gambit in a war. I'm not aware that we're. We're currently thinking about preemptive action against anybody in the in the way that it's spelled out in the opening of your book, general Latiff. No, absolutely. We're not thinking about preemptive action. We don't. In terms of our capabilities and our menacing other nations. You can can rest assured that we have all of the capabilities we need. In many cases, the capabilities that other countries are developing and have developed have come after we've done those same things, obviously, we don't talk about our capabilities as we as we shouldn't. But other countries are developing those same things and will probably not be having compunctions about using them against us. If they have to let me ask you this. If we chose to do what you spell out in that first chapter scenario are we capable of doing the things that you described. Getting into someone's nuclear command and control system. Would be exceedingly hard, and I can just tell you right now. I don't don't have the complete knowledge of all of our capabilities. So I wouldn't even begin to guess, but we're very good. We we are very good to been on Long Island New York on the Bohannon show. Good evening. Ben. Good evening, gentlemen. I'm reading a Bloomberg article where last year in September, President Trump blocked a Chinese back investor from from buying laddis semiconductor Corp, which produces microchips and citing national security risk. What what would be the ramification of something like that had happened? If you know wasn't blocked on the federal level. Did you have any idea? I guess it would depend largely on what? Specifically that company made. But I would certainly give you my brief outline van and then we'll get the more educated. Virgin from our guest. I would would not let anything like that take place. I just I I don't think that anything that would have had a Chinese abilities in in any regard in the cyber world is worth it. And if that meant that we suddenly had to let's say operate at some economic loss in that regard than the Soviet. There are more important things economics. Yes. And no, sometimes sometimes we actually can't prevent that. We've had situations where other countries have purchased. Our chip-making capabilities one recently several years ago in New York. Was bought by a Middle Eastern firm. And we've made we've been able to make. Deals if you want to call them that with those companies to keep keep capability in the United States. And as I said before when we have to buy something from overseas, we we really credible job of checking it first. But what you're referring to is is the easiest process. Syfy stands for him. But. It's a very good process whereby we look at all of these deals before we let them go through. And and that was a good one catch a few years ago as I recall it. Of the Clinton administration. We allowed to sail to China a technology that enabled the Chinese to to more accurately inserts satellites into orbit and apparently somewhere somewhat along. The lives of failed to note that the same technology that enabled you to insert a satellite into an accurate orbit. Also enables you to accurately aim an ICBM warhead. I mean, that's the kind of stupidity that just is beyond the pale. Yes. And we do a much better job of that. Now, as as those problems have have come to light the process within the government is cutting a lot better trying to prevent that. More to come one eight six six five zero JIMBO one eight six six five zero five four six two six. We'll be back in just a moment. Gold.

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