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Stay tuned to WBZ for the very latest on this system as it approaches Boston, hundreds of federal employees are protesting the government shutdown in the Senate Hart office building today the protests began with thirty three minutes of silence noting each day of the partial shutdown. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, urged colleagues to support legislation backed by Democrats. That reopens the government for three weeks while talks continue on border security. If you're worried about hundreds of thousands of federal employees going without Pegues. If you're worried about the impact of the shutdown on our economy or a basic security as law enforcement and border patrol and food safety are not paid. If you're worried about our national security, and if you're looking for a way to open up the government, this is the way. Meanwhile, President Trump has informed. House speaker Nancy Pelosi would be very sad. If he is not able to give the state of the union in the house chamber next Tuesday. He's written Pelosi to tell her he's coming CBS news White House. Correspondent Steven Portnoy has the latest the letter to the speaker is the first formal response to Nancy Pelosi strong suggestion that the state of the union be rescheduled. Mr. Trump writes, he's been told there would be absolutely no problem regarding security for the speech and accordingly. Quote, I will be honoring your invitation. While leading Democrats have said the address shouldn't happen while the shutdown drags on. They haven't formally revoked the invitation in theory, Democrats could prevent the otherwise perfunctory passage of a resolution to set up a joint session of congress. The president is pushing to recognize the Venezuelan opposition leader Gedo as the legitimate, president of Venezuela. Now, President Nicolas Maduro says his country is cutting all diplomatic relations with the US giving US diplomats seventy two hours to leave and his Walea. The Trump administration has taken an active role in opposing Madero declaring the Venezuelan government illegitimate following his second inauguration earlier this month in a video message released Tuesday. Vice President Mike Pence addressed the Venezuelan people nNcholas Maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power. He's never won the presidency in a free and fair election. And he's maintained his grip of power by imprisoning. Anyone who dares to oppose him US Representative ro Khanna, Adele. Crap from California says it is hypocritical for the US government to impose sanctions on Venezuela. But not Saudi Arabia Ghana says, quote, the US is sanctioning Venezuela for their lack of democracy, but not Saudi Arabia such Apocrypha and legislators from both parties have previously criticized the US response to the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal kashogi at the kingdom's consulate in Istanbul. Last year Khanna posted his message while Venezuelans marched Wednesday in the streets demanding the President Nicolas Maduro step down from power three thirty eight forty degrees in Boston on this Wednesday afternoon time now for a check of business news with Bloomberg's Tracy jonky. Josh Verizon is coming around eight hundred jobs in the division that includes yahu and a oh well for is and took a four and a half billion dollar loss on the media business last month a week after net. Flicks hiked the price of his most popular plan by a couple of dollars. Hulu his cutting the price of its basic plan by the same amount starting Saturday. It'll be six. Dollars a month compared to thirteen dollars a month for net flicks. The Dow is heading for the closing bell with a gain of one hundred fifty six points might be a close call for the NASDAQ is down one point has some piece up three I'm Tracy jonky. Bloomberg business on WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio just ahead on WBZ space tourism takes.

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