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With our leader. Event. Hello, everybody. Mark Levin here. Our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one. So let me summarize very briefly. And underscore the point the president triggers the national emergencies act. He's not doing anything. That is damaging the constitution or any federal statue. It'll be tested and the chips will fall where they may what he's trying to do is enforce existing federal immigration law. Against the lawless democrat party and their sanctuary cities and their desire to shut down the garment dragged down everyone and bring down everyone despite their propaganda campaign, and they're propagandists in the media. He's held Ben our president is securing the border. That's why we have a military. That's why we've reported patrol. That's why we have ice. That's why the coast guard in many respects to secure our border. And now, they dismiss it. Well, that's not a national security issue. It's not a military issue. Again. It's not a military issue in the sense that we don't use the military for domestic enforcement purposes. But I don't see why you couldn't use military funds. At least the army corps of engineer engineers to to support those activities. He's not doing anything that really is pushing the edge of the envelope except in this current culture in this current environment where the left can do pretty much anything as they attack our constitutional order, and and this president perhaps others who tried to clar way back. They're the ones who are said to be acting inappropriately. That's why it's very frustrating to see Bill Buckley's magazine. Take such a preposterous position..

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