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Inspiring because it goes beyond making money and being part of the corporate world but really thinking more broadly and then you're an inspiration for other brands as well so it can be a small company it can be a huge company but i think these are the brands that for me are the ones that are truly inspirational and that i i look at tuesday through a now i was just talking to the founder of the company called cotopaxi i don't know if you ever on across them they're small brand outdoor a brand but i was just blown away by their mission if you will is to tackle extreme poverty all around the world and to try to pull the last billion people out of extreme poverty through basically selling outdoor gear which sounds crazy in the outset who but they really live it from how they source to how they use the profits of the company to who they hire the i refugees and help train them yep it was amazing to see a company like that 'cause you in the outdoor space there's lots of companies to look at like patagonia and others but i felt like cotopaxi was interesting and seen somebody really go all the way through their business function that way now this tear point about that company but then i i'm thinking about the fashion industry and you know it's something that that i just read the other day about how gucci's gonna stop using for and i think that's just one of the grew up in i lived in milan a very close to the fashion industry me to make that statement in italy for an italian brand which is a global brand obviously with the sheer momentum that they have i think takes extreme courage and israeli enlighten lean and refreshing i think in that industry so bills have to have the first one that takes the big step and i'm sure all the others are kissed her following which is the usual yes exactly exactly because they're not taking your advice in terms of benchmarking become participants a b it's rare that i get a brand genius on my show so i wanna ask you what do you think the future of marketing is going gonna look like yeah.

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