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To be a lockout well what kind of a situation you're going to be in if revenues aren't up fifteen twenty percent but are actually down and are down for a couple of years in a row it doesn't matter whether it's two percent one year three percent the next two percent the next or revenues decrease you're trying to get a contract probably for the next decade and that you're talking at that point huh hundreds of millions possibly billions of of of of dollars in compensation for your future employees right or your future union members and i wonder if that message all of a sudden everybody you know by tuesday wednesday of this week said we can't let this continue this this could spiral out of control and damages us damage us for years it might already and it and it might damage them not because if everybody has backed a kunbae nobody you you know nobody uh a protest any more and that messages there and the message goes out you know you stay in the locker room if you wish to protest you just don't come out or team stay in over at the end of the year they they changed the policy so this doesn't happen in the future and teams stay in the locker room except for the super bowl maybe or playoff games or something like that you stay in the locker room 'cause we can't have this happen again because i can guarantee you somebody in the ownership is saying this can never happen again and whether by the time you've got to tuesday or wednesday of this week they realized how serious it is and even could be because we already know the attrition of people watching and this is about television people are going to go to the games you're going to get people to the games people will go to the good will go to the nfl though go they'll go see professional sports uh because they love it so much they're willing to invest that that that money but it's much more fickle when it comes to people saint battle need watch on tv tv doesn't take a lot of effort tv's just boom i'm done unmoving i'm moving to something else and people are doing that.

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