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President Trump, North Korea, United States discussed on AP 24 Hour News


Radio news. I'm Ed Donahue, President Trump says this is why he said no to signing a nuclear deal with North Korea. The Vietnam summit, basically they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety. And we couldn't do that north Korean Foreign Minister real young hall responded through a translator the United States. Most partial, namely. The articles of sanctions that. Me and the livelihood of all carefully. Particularly we will permanently completely dismantled. All the nuclear material productive facilities in the New England area recess Washington wasted an opportunity that may not come again. President Trump also does not think that Jim Jong Hyun was involved in the mistreatment of American college student Otto warmbier who died after being detained in North Korea. This is house speaker Nancy Pelosi strange. I don't know something something wrong with tuten can own in my view thought that the president chooses to believe last year. A judge in the US ordered North Korea to pay more than five hundred million dollars in a wrongful death suit filed by warn beers. Parents. The government says the economy was strong in twenty eighteen but growth slowed at the end of the year and most economists envisioned a weaker outlook for the coming months and probably years two Republicans and two Democrats in the Senate say they will introduce a resolution to block President Trump's declaration of a national emergency at the Mexico border new. Mexico's Tom udall is one of those Democrats. This is no longer about. The president's wall..

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