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Common sense it's very. I'm not an engineer. But it's very basic engineering. Talk to other people never work in. Attaran around ever ever ever learn spicer. Then have to tighten nuts and bolts. Learn how to send a COP does make sure please turn round. Police are so important for about go. Well US properly. Modern Rapes Upenn's tape Wales treated paint. Everything with rust inhibitors of things. Don't get rusty and keep the bugs out because Pitt pigeon mess is so damaging size very unhealthy Things like that also always worked with your pc so they know what you're doing so the pro coach counselor. 'cause I owned the bells ringers. Don't always work with the PC or in my case with the Cathedral Chapter. Having your background a lot of different projects. What skills are required to manage all those different projects? My imagination gets the better of me sometimes thing. Oh Yeah we'll do that. I like doing new things and I like new things in ringing and Leighton Buzzard inspired me because we lost an old fashioned ring of ten and there was a big old. We go to put them back as they were thought now. That is so boring because we have to evolve and are not ringing onto bells so the insurance paid for ten of the bells and I wring sadly few years ago paid for three extra bells so that got me into it and then let's think let's think let's think I did. A bells in Bedfordshire and oversee did summarily bow and I just loved him and people have done innovative projects and then the swamp tower in Perth. I've not been up into Perth. But since it's been bill but I think that project is inspiring and winds me up. The Best Avert Assessment Bell Ringing is in Perth Western Australia and not in this country so there is a bit of background to to motivation. I like a spouse on quite outgoing and so you get to know people in the Church and in the community and the project mountains came about there was a top of the tower. That has a thirteen fourteen hundred ring of six. Haven't been running for over one hundred years and then all that good really and we could have done something with them but I thought now. Let's do something a bit different so I wanted nursery for all. Very young ringers sub. You put in a six hundred right ring of ten and that talent belongs to our young marinas and so that that's the purpose you have to have a purpose. It has to be a reason why you doing it. You can't do putting ring a bell at has to be a reason. Why so. That's how that one came about and the project bombing was a bit of an accident because those Halewood in Liverpool became available on their Classic Nineteen Twenty Nine Tailoring fight about ten hundred. Right that absolutely gorgeous. And we've just done those mountains and bells came on the market and I spoke to the cow. Trust and Dave Kennedy said you think Oh okay so I found out my friend Berna. Tayla who is is a massive benefactor for giving bells and projects and said Bernard. I'd like to buy this ring bells. And he said okay. Have you got a towel and I went? No that's the next phone call so and I found out the victory of carbon who is a very good friend is now left. The church that said Stewart. Would you like to ring bells? And he said Yeah. Let's do it but the condition is malt. We don't pay for any of it. You raise the money yourself. So a lot of grant applications to trusts and charities and the key thing is to get support from people like our Bishop. Who is brilliant? John Inge has always supported the bell projects because he thinks ringing is great for the Church of England said. That's why I like doing. It says Alonso. I think it sort of enthusiasm and patients have not offer have to be honest and getting people to work with you have to support and not just baroness law. A lot of people to be on his side. And how do you do that? You Talk to people and I and love visitors coming to say US ring and watches ring so I don't like closed doors in churches and ring is a very unusual because we we ring. In this ferry protected environment thick stonewalls protect us from the audience. And a small doors. Down you accessing. Its adult people that normally go three. So we've made films of ringing. We've opened our doors. We do all sorts of toast. Come up invite schools up things like rotary clubs farming groups history groups scouts guides you. Name it we've had people up and PA culture. It will stir is where open and welcoming and it's very safe and all our ringers are used to engaging with visitors and Milwaukee. We've got a lot of space the teaching centre with juice CHESA. That's what we do was step and then I often go out and give talks various groups and often I guy around because I'm on the day see again. I taught to the clouds yellow about their bells too. So outreach outreach and open outdoors if you think about bringing these stonewalls protect us from the thousands of people who hear US and probably be die even think about thousands of people hearing us but imagine you're in the album hole on this twelve L. Ripe hanging down. There's five thousand people watching a the contestants or the competitors and the twelve Bodo something we'll come to the stage and perform a piece of ringing. It'd be quite nerve wracking. But that's that is actually what we all do every week. 'cause if you live in a village you'll be hundreds of people here you feed have been the city thousands of people. Harris and I think we have a duty to think about that. And that's that's something we do anything of the great state occasions. You think you're Westminster Abbey isn't polls you know for weddings and funerals. You've always had the bells ringing and one fantastic thing happened here which to me was a privileged Will as cricket. We had memorial services hair for Tom. Graveney Graham Dilley and also Basil d'olivera and I think what how important Basil Donovan was an apartheid thing. We cricket we ran before went off. The said. Is the Cricket Club Office to ring an bells broadcast on the news. The cricketing nations around the world and I thought that was just great outreach. That's great I'm what do you think about the future of bell ringing? And how can we shape that? It's an all hands test to things which I think are massively our engagement. The church England has never been more important than is now. A lot of people will have picked up the the there's a very powerful and successful evangelical wing of the Church kingland which is great however the event Jellicoe Church is massively keen on bells. Because it's just not Paul how they do church and that's fine so unnecessary engaged with the church and there is dialogue member of the Church and the bells. We deigned that such an important thing. I think I just wish we understand what that means unless veteran gauged and also think about the future of of our Church building because they know all sustainable so you know here of Vacation Church get sold to be turned into flats Nasreen bells out there or in Oxford Cross The church closed bellio. College took it over and they've sealed the bells. They won't be running again while the colleges now sooner or later that's going to happen to somewhere really big and if you think of older rings. A bell is in the in the many Victorian churches in industrial parts of the country then rung over which closed those sellers. Because I work quite a bit of money and I think sooner or later a big ringing bells will get sold for those reasons than I think we might wake up to it. I'm I am Pop. Some being a doom and gloom. But I just think west I think was sleep walking into this and we need to really engage better Mo- which churches are at risk now historic England have a heritage risk register. I think we should have church. Bells at Risk Register. Hanley was an example where the first attempt to move Hanley bells the because they were well on the morial the local conservation groups and their MP who's Tristram Hunt who now runs. The van stopped the bells. Moving say would have been sailed and not heard. Now they're going to stop it and they'll be hurt again. That's good so definitely with the church and outreach as boring as we. I mean the fat. We're doing this We can use social media alison. Everett's doing great work doing twitter. We need to do that to engage and that people understand how we contribute to the The cultural heritage that the the soundscape of England or less things that make ringing special because where heard and not seen we heard not known and a few a couple of years ago. A journalist from the F. T. Came TO TALK TO US. It was to cathedral about ringing. I think I think the only bell ringers ever to be in the Financial Times and she. She met her since she met us into torch. Everyone's publicy said I had no idea. I hear this fantastic. Sound is Englishness church but or view. I mean the diversity of our jobs the age range it's male and female it's Wacky everyone's very tame made. Everyone's very supportive and things you know if you bring ringing into school. You've got massive music. History team worked and if engaged with schools. You can do something there and I think it's just people understanding us because I think ring have been a bit Kane on hiding from brutally honest like we like doing what we do and not being accountable. Sometimes all we'd like to be under the radar and I think if we stay like that we're doomed but that's that was so much good stuff going on at the moment is great. I mean fantastic projects and just think what. The young ring is events has done the The contest that poss- seven or eight years. Just been fantastic for ringing and I'm talking to you. Now from BBC Hereford Worcester and my friend Kate Justice who resents a Sunday show but always do something about ringing when it's relevant when she launched her new evening program it was launched from the reading room was cathedral. I mean and that's how we doing engagement task. You a bit about your role model. Can you tell me a bit about? Yeah I mean. I've had a most fantastic time in ringing. I was taught by a man called Jimmy sites in the pace go tune in Bedfordshire and when I was twelve or thirteen I think I had to hold the every week and I went ringing. I was fascinated. My Mom said to me quite recently. I can remember the mall just found something special and Jim Jimbo is. We called him was just an inspiring teacher and he just told Ito allow people to ring but one great thing about him. He wasn't one of those teachers that won't let his pupils better than him and I remember that and his his daughter was at my scope ruined the same class and we ran appeal to. Jim died a couple years ago. So my friends came along and Iran for Jim and I saw Jodi about wolf forty five years so fantastic so that starts with him then the Chaco op Churchill. Who Rang just down the road in Pasco husband crony who was on Milkman? And he took me ringing everywhere and hope is now on ninety. Three or ninety four. And he's still wringing and Bedfordshire. And then I was really lucky because I went to pace course imposed Bedford. And that was run by Stephen Ivan. Who was equally terrifying uninspiring and clever stringers. I've ever met. And he sought to pick me up and made a half decent of me actually and with a few other Rinku Stevens Stanford and some Ecole Jerry We will run together. Paps right time in the right place. I was a bit pushy but Stephen was just he..

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