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Take an official Canon and legends. Hashtag not cannon into account so punch it because it's time to board the Millennium Falcon Jason. Yeah never and I mean never tell me the I would never do that ever. There's almost no chance of ever telling you the odds the very low. Thank you like a one in three chance you hear that three Po. I certainly never tell me. The odds of creating a pop culture icon archetype. That gets us to this. The idea so search our feelings and use the force. The defining theme of this episode is Yes Harrison. Ford being handsome. No sorry sorry but I mean really yes honestly the life yes lessons what you see. Yes of Han Solo and the rogue archetype archetype. Let serve the little bit a brief history of the rogue and rebel in hop culture leading up to to a new hope and the introduction of Han Solo some of the influences and inspirations for the character wheels really got we have to start with someone on who first embodied the kind of western hero an adventurer for an entire generation of early movie goers hours. John Wayne Johnny Dubs. And it's a particular key one in terms of the eternal Han shot first debate we mocked Georgia's fiddling butts it it hinges on his fundamental view of who hustle is how he should behave and how he should be he perceived Here is big daddy. George Lucas from a two thousand fifteen hank stewart piece in the Washington Post quote Hansel was GonNa Mary Laya and you look back and say should he be a cold blooded killer. Because I was thinking with logically we should he be cowboy. Should he be John Wayne and I said yeah he should be John. Wayne John Wayne if you're not familiar with his roof oof in the western genre. Never killed anyone in Col- hated it. Hated it only like three thousand native Americans. It's but no one else in cold blood certainly and when you are John when you don't shoot people I you let them have the first shot it's a mythological reality early that we hope. Our Society pays attention to incredible incredible stuff. Incredible quo for Lotteries Ins. Yes but I think I don't agree with the reality of that statement but I think it gets at something that is Scott of elemental about heroism. Which is terrorism? mm-hmm is always about defense. It's never about aggression and I think that was what Georgia's responding to. He wanted to make sure that this is not just a guy who just walks up it sees as someone who has a problem with him and then shoots him in the chest. Yes and we're GONNA talk in a few minutes about what really is at the heart of Han as the character and part of the through line of this conversation is going to be that really challenging alchemy in the harmony of the elements that are a part of who he is. And when you're going for literal space cowboy has the John Wayne Eh influence indicates quite clearly that you know George. Lucas was part of being a cowboy. Is that frontier spirit and that sense of adventure but the characters especially here's people who for half to ultimately be held accountable to the morality of the movie and the universe. It's a great point. You know we think about what makes Hanin part of it is that he is kind of illicit person. Smuggler criminal character. But what is a cowboy in a Western cowboy is a fusing of community law into a single person and Hans a person who acts by his own code. He's got his own code that he lives by his own laws even though he doesn't necessarily certainly recognize the laws of the GALAX. Yes there's also Gary Cooper whose wardrobe from high noon grape movie is very reminiscent of Hans Hans outfits particularly in a new hope it two thousand eighteen the solo ending in which Han faces off with Beckett trying to wreck parallel to the end of high noon Lawrence Kasdan till stores dot com about this parallel quote. He's not living in a romantic fantasy of chivalry of chivalry. And this is one of the reasons he such. A popular popular characters reasoning caught. My imagination from new hope is because he represented a kind of very practical cynical. I'm going to survive this scene attitude. Humphrey Bogart who made entire career out of these kind of hard bitten grizzled cynical characters who act like they don't really believe in anything but actually we secretly. Do I watch Casablanca for just like no reason like because it was on CNN the other this past weekend and it's like the perfect embodiment of that kind of character. Where yes rick acts like? He doesn't believe in anything. You runs a gambling establishment. There's people making deals left and right. There's like arms dealers and spies up in here and yet you know very quietly. He's always helping people. And that's like Han. Yes he's looking for money all the time but it always seems to fall on the side of helping people rate self interest quickly is way were. Han is concerned to the needs of the group even if he would not want you to think of him that way that is ultimately his instinct. And that's one of the reasons we're drowned him. Another very clear even directly cited influences James Dean and in general if we go beyond rogue to the rebel a broader sense the rock and roll revolution counterculture defining the spirit of roguish rebellious behavior. You're in the country in the world at large before a new hope. James Dean is the face of that for a lot of people and for George Lucas yes that. DNA was something that he wanted to capture port over to hide in an early draft of a new hope this would been the third draft and tracking Hans. Evolution through under the early drafts is one of the really fun things to do. We'll talk about that as we go. But in that third draft is referred to as quote tough James Dean style star pilot. Yeah about twenty. Five years old a cowboy in starship simple sentimental and cocksure of himself cocksure indeed. But that's obviously just a fundamental soul encapsulation of the Han essence that aura on the surface. The instant thing you think of an associated with and then the thing that even as he evolves in your understanding evolves that still lasts forever. Yeah is that aura of just irrepressible cool. It's such a great point because you think like James Dean is a person who passed away like what sixty years ago or something like that and yet his image is absolutely i. Kinda cool is cool for a very long time caused timeless. Who'll is timeless? You could still look James Dini's wearing outfits in the fifties you select. That is a good looking and handsome young men and you think about what an achievement. It's very easy to sit here and be like. Oh we're talking about Hansel and Harrison Ford and they they molded this iconic character on on James Dean it and to think about like in pre production for Star Wars. Yeah we want him to be like a James Dean type and then actually hitting that. That's the thing actually accomplishing that. It's amazing maybe not the most innovative thing to SRI. I absolutely not right gene yet. That's the thing I mean Greta out of all complex. Yes it really is. This might be a little surprising to some people because it's seemingly on the opposite end of the spectrum from James Dean Francis Ford or Coppola. The legendary director the Titan of cinema was another wide knowledge influence. Winemaker big time wind in guy. Well Yeah I love how many people have a passion for wine. You know like if Tom Brady steps away from the game. We're going to be hearing a lot about how he came into who his legacy drew bledsoe. And then you know reading here about drew. BLEDSOE's winery in Walla Walla Washington. You know it's kind of like jewelry for your real estate uh-huh foot grapes are and then you don't do anything you you'd smash them and you put them in a barrel and you wait. It's amazing what a racket I love mine is I love what I respect it. So there are a couple of aspects to the Francis Ford Coppola influence one is just that he was a seismic influence on George as very very important Horton figure Georges quoted in a AF. I interview as saying quote Francis and I were very good friends right. From the moment we met he continues. He basically he taught me everything about writing and directing at the same time. He got my first film off the ground. Any help get my second film off the ground. Lucas would go on to do second. Unit stuff stuff for the Godfather of other of Francis Films and I was like extremely important and giving George the confidence to follow through with some of the ideas he has and Lucas would say that. He specifically shaped Han with Francis. Ford Coppola kind of swagger swagger and confidence is the key when it comes to how influenced Hans creation from a Joshua Rothman that's fourteen piece in the New Yorker titled The craziest Star Wars. There's this quote at the time. He was a young seductive swashbuckling smoothie and he there is not Hans Solo it is Francis Ford Coppola impressed George Lucas by talking warner brothers into funding apocalypse. Now when you think about the future of George Lucas self-financing and seeing and how much of his movie empire and what Lucasfilm became centered on his relationship to the earnings and the spending that is aroma. Marketable Fokker on moment in his identity and obviously the identity of one of his key characters. Coppola will also play a key role in in a second hand fashion. And how Harrell's me got the part which we get to the casting. And then how about Bruce Springsteen for the Alden Ehrenreich Hound Hound Solo version. At least Aaron Right told the failure in two thousand eighteen terms growing up in circumstances that are hard that you hate and then dreaming of a better life for yourself softening getting out. Bruce would be it really.

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