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It's not the three hundred our nothing. No, no, it's not the authentic. Fantastic. But it's, it's what you would most people would would order, when you when you wanna spend one hundred dollars to through through the Steelers to get a to, to get a jersey. So that's what's going to be the sizes, your choice from small to three XL. I will will will get all the contact information. Once the contest is done, but the contest was or is you'll be posting on Twitter, a short video of a possible juju. Smith Schuster touchdown celebration that he could use for this upcoming season. Be creative on it would be nice if you gave it a name and gave it an intro. But when you post it, you need to you need to include the behind the curtain Twitter Jeff on a remind us, what that is BT steel, curtain, that's at BT steel curtain. That's important ahead. So we got you. Gotta ask me, bro. So you got to do that, then you also have to include the hashtag people couldn't post their videos until we got the hashtag, we are officially announcing the hashtag now. And that hashtag is juju. Jersey contests. Jeff, I'm sure is going to put it on the live chat. We're going to put everybody can if you're alive on YouTube juju, jersey contests, there's your hashtag, if you had your video ready to go. Go ahead and get it out there, the sooner it's out there. The faster you can start gaining likes remember, if juju likes it. That's an extra million likes of years is the only one you can get you to like, you've got yourself, juju Smith Schuster jersey. Yeah. And it was funny on vine is still Kurt. And we did an article just kind of letting all our readers know that we're doing this giveaway because not everyone listens to our podcast. We understand that in terms of our traffic numbers for. The site compared to our podcast, not yet anyway. And a lot of people were all, you know, old men yelling clouds of a social media, blah, blah. Look. Okay. Whatever if you don't wanna do, don't you. But someone is going to get a free jersey. That's it. I mean you're gonna get a free jersey like there's no strings attached here. You just follow us on Twitter. You get your friends together. I don't know make makeup something fun. You're allowed to put I believe at two and a half. Minute video on Twitter. Echo. Something creative get a bunch of likes if you are. We checking the behind the curtains, Twitter notifications, it, make sure you tag because I will reach we'd amount there, you'll get some likes and we'll see who wins this thing because when Dave Logan announced next Thursday is Evan will announce the winner. Yeah, we're gonna I'm going to let you talk a little bit about it. I, I had as a deadline of next Wednesday night at ten pm I is originally, what I said to put out their we're all cut it off. So that gives us time to make sure we've done everything properly, and do it. And then we can announce it the next day, does that does that work for you, Jeff. That's not a problem. So there you have it, folks. In case you were late joining us, just. Listen to the beginning of the show, and I said this on my show the Steelers burning question this week, and that was we will talk about it right off the bat so everyone can hear it. You don't miss it at the end of the show. So there you have it a free juju Smith Schuster jersey. And like I said, I already have a giveaway coming up. I actually want to involve writing in this one that'll be coming up. We'll talk about after we give out the jersey, so let's get right into things. The Steelers are in the just completed the first week of organized team activities phase three which means that this is really what people call the OT as organized team activities have three phases. Phase one is to strengthen conditionings face to they can work with some coaches here there but really is still just conditioning. And then face threes, where you actually have offense versus defense and things like that. So this is what Mike Tomlin so eloquently called football in shorts and how it means. Absolutely nothing..

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