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That Robert cremo the third would be held without bond and that there was probable cause to hold him at this time. For 7 counts of first degree murder. Primo could face more charges along with the 7 killed, some of the 24 wounded are in critical condition. There are questions on how the suspect got around the relatively strict gun laws in the state to legally buy 5 weapons, even though police went to his home three years ago for threats of violence and suicide. Another developing story we're watching in Richmond, Virginia. We're waiting for a news conference in about a half an hour by police. Police say they stopped a mass shooting plan for the 4th of July there. They got a tip that did lead to arrests and the seizure of weapons. No other information has yet been released, but of course, stay with us here on WTO all afternoon, we'll be following that story and bring you the latest information as we get it. A key witness linked to former president Trump has agreed to provide testimony to the House committee investigating the January 6th capitol riot. The latest from WTO's Mitchell Miller. Today on the hill. Former White House counsel pat cipollone will now testify this Friday. The New York Times was first to report that he's agreed to provide written testimony. Former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson recently testified that cipollone expressed concern that administration officials were placing themselves at risk of criminal charges by seeking to overturn the 2020 election results. In the days leading up to the 6, we had conversations about potentially obstructing justice or defrauding the electoral account. The committee holds another hearing next Tuesday that's expected to focus on far right militia groups and any contacts they had with The White House and allies of former president Trump. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller WTO news. Knew this hour, President Biden has spoken to the wife of WNBA basketball star Brittany griner who's being detained in Russia. The White House says the president assured sherrell griner that he's working to free Britney as soon as possible. The president had received a handwritten letter from the basketball star on Monday yesterday, Cheryl greiner complained the president hadn't responded. Brittany griner has been detained in Russia for four months now and is currently on trial on charges of possessing vape cartridges containing cannabis oil. The president has directed his national security team to stay in regular contact with the grinder family, as well as other families of Americans who are held hostage or wrongfully detained abroad. Mississippi's only abortion clinic is set to close later today. The Jackson Mississippi abortion clinic at the heart of the legal fight that led to the Supreme Court overturning roe versus wade will close at the end of business today. That, after a judge refused to block a so called abortion trigger law, it bans most abortions. Mississippi is one of the top four states with the highest rate of young women who are uninsured. Getty Israel is CEO of a nonprofit community health organization that serves pregnant women in Mississippi's capital city. Jim crisis news. A groundbreaking case out of Wisconsin today, it could set the limits of legal immunity for sex trafficking victims. The state Supreme Court in Wisconsin ruled that a woman can argue at trial that she was justified in shooting and killing a man who allegedly trafficked her. Crystal Kaiser says she killed Randall vollard because he assaulted and sold her to other people for sex. Kaiser, who is now 22, says vollard trafficked her when she was just 17. Up a head on WTO after traffic and weather, more political chaos surrounding the British prime minister, it's one 36. Here's a highlight from Tim Jones, the regional vice president of systems engineering for public sector at four scout technologies. On the zero cybertrust exchange presented by Cara soft. We've been asking teams for years to start the level up on some of those maturity requirements. Knowing what's on my enterprise and how I'm going to start to establish that is a core Tenet that we usually like to start with from a force cut perspective. Listen to the entire discussion

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