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The leash the caller the pouch and the vast so i can click register now dog could be just as wild as a as a hyena yeah and you could make it a service and it doesn't even ask why i would need the service dog on here okay there's a problem with this i know that there was a time where we um we were about to a friend we were looking for a dog this is pre valued a b b l before lulu okay well before little and so what okay let's continue this conversation just move one 101 southbound between broadway street in california its best in say this is a sixty as of san francisco san jose portland cumulus station down a bit you'd avenue and livermore westbound between valasti dozen is will also in livermore the altamonte pass road westbound between carrow road in greenville expects him delays note to the wise statewide chp is maximum enforcement period is underway continues through today police are gonna be looking for distracted driver's seat belt violations and everything else they had vied so be on the lookout for that and not just obey those rules of the road you should be fine if you're using mass transit today just about everything will be on a sunday are holiday schedule with the exception of the san francisco bay and golden gate berries they're not going to be operating today with ksfo traffic i bed cox no more of the chaos of a warning zhou with brian says will include agreed on talk radio 560 ksfo pay were talking about tightening the leash our fake service dogs beg knows i tell you when aged their tightening the leash and you clever radio guy you all the jokes hey let a guy tell us a couple of jokes that what what are bars us like a clown path what are you to amuse us we started out the program with a montage abuse hillary blow egger top kerkrade we'll get back to that not hillary god okay now we're into some other stuff what will get back in the hardcore news of the day but this is an interesting story and i know that this is the.

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