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Our votes babbling blade trying to survive economically hoping that these big infrastructure and other policies that will affect not only our lives but the lives of all generations to come will pass. And this fucking random like nah. Nah you know what it'd be like. What the hell is that like. I think that's the reaction to most people when they find out that this individual exists. No there's gotta be a bunch of people like clutching. They're just like. Oh my god. Not the parliamentarian wh-when harris overrules. Of course you got. Or as trent lott did as you mentioned in two thousand one she can be fired. I mean really if trump did one thing this is not a good thing you know. Trump fired everybody for all sorts of reasons. It was like a spinal tap drummer kind of in administration and you know a lot of people were fired for unjust reasons like say alexander. Van mint Because he told the truth under oath which is something. The trump administration didn't like. But you know we. Now have a precedent of all sorts of folks. Just get in fired willy. Nilly without any kind of real repercussions there's an actual reason to fire The senate parliamentarian and that's to protect the american public so they should do it and it shouldn't be that hard without question. I one thing i'll say. Is that the senate. Parliamentarian is propping up this whole system of white supremacy that is destroying our country from within a- and that's why we were such a ripe target and in many ways for the mass murdering xenophobic terrorist regime putin's russia where immigrants are harassed and viral youtube videos. That's the thing there. And and a nationalist march founded by putin turned into a neo nazi march. That's why these conservatives and these democrats in name only are stalling any progress that would putin prove in trump prove our democracy because they benefit from this system. They are existential making their wealth and they've new escape plan after that 'cause all their estate plans are just fallacies dump fantasies that do not stand up to reality and so if you look at the moderates for instance the ones who are going to be vulnerable in the dark money campaign of the midterms. They loved the parliamentarian. They're hiding behind her. They don't want to have their names associated with any type of immigration reform specially when fox news. It's exploiting all those images of the haitians on our border and so forth and not only that they hide behind the gloss of good governance and bipartisanship when really the bipartisanship of so many of these democrats name only moderates so-called mater so called moderates is the bipartisanship that they do greatly contribute to is taking from the same trough as the republican colleagues. They're all dependent on the same major. Corporate donors cape corporate donors that are fine to fund politicians. That are driving the unconstitutional and dangerous. Antiabortion law in texas corporations that are funding the violent insurrectionist that drove the mob attack on our democracy and january. Six you have these so called moderate democrats democrats in name only daigneault's who are taking the corporate coffers and so they're happy hiding behind the parliamentarians so called rulings which are not rulings recommendations. Because then they don't have to disappoint their corporate donors. They don't have to be make themselves vulnerable to dark money adds going into the midterms and so forth. So the senate room terry and is very much doing favors to the traders on both sides of the aisle in the us senate exactly. And i just wanna sort of emphasized the zena phobic aspect of this because as you said you know images of the thousands of haitian refugees. Who arrived on the border in del. Rio are all over the place being exploited a by right wing bigots and there's some confusion as to why there there's i just wanted to just i mean this situation in the images that are coming out of there in the stories that were here. He out of there are absolutely horrifying. And if you were horrified rightly so by the plight of people in afghanistan whose lives were ruined in part because of our wars there you should feel equal empathy in equal upset at what is happening to haitians at the border. And what has been happening to haitians. I mean quite honestly since the founding of colonialists hiti which one of the few successful overthrows of that rule but especially since two thousand ten when they had a catastrophic earthquake That you know had aftershocks both environmental and political a good source. I think on kind of breaking down is jonathan katz Who studies haiti Has a free newsletter. In explains that the haitians who have showed up in del rio were part of a wave of patients who moved to brazil from his newsletter in search of jobs and housing in the years after the catastrophic twenty ten earthquake the jobs turned out to be fewer and poor paying the it hoped. Some fled the rising xenophobia. Stoked by brazil's neo-fascist president airballs denaro to chile then the pandemic came the dangerous crew and opportunities Became more scarce so then. He goes on to describe their journey through south america to colombia to panama throughout salvador under guatemala and then finally to mexico and finally to the border of the united states. And you know anybody who has been a refugee or worked with refugees or just has common sense knows that you do not make this journey lightly. This is a terrifying atrocious way to live and the were at the border are there with their families there with their children and the reason that they were being attacked by Border control on horses holding rains that they were using as whips Was because they were crossing back into mexico back and forth in search of food in search of medicine in search of the most basic supplies needed to survive and for the biden administration to treat them the way they're treating them but also just engage in this rhetoric like. Yeah we're just going to deport them. That's that with no introspection about our own governments role in facilitating this conflict. And how treated haiti but that aside just the basic laws of asylum the basic laws of human rights and what this country is supposed to represent..

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