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Tall, Aw that's so fun to. Say what were we talking? About, again Geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more When you have a lot. On your to. Do list the last thing you need to worry about is a car repair luckily when you visit any, of sixteen, thousand Napa auto care centers you get highly trained experts and a twenty four month twenty four thousand, mile nationwide warranty. Which means your car gets fixed right. The first time. So you can. Spend less time worrying about the things you don't want to like repairing your vehicle. Then, more time worrying about the. Things you do just visit? Napa, auto care dot com to find the location nearest you Glimpse of each other from across the crowded, Lynn you feel, an instant connection the first thing you notice this style Title Tarkhan perfectly polished Waiting for you he chose them from the crowd and it's time to see. If they're the one begin your own love, story at food barn where every boot. Is now on sale. Plunder last by part where will you? Boots take you Your, with two parks wanted. Speech park with classic amusement for. Rides water and more thrill to the. Kentucky rubber roller coaster enjoy splash lagoon with wave pool lazy river and water slides. And experience with fireworks finale parking tubes and, sunscreen always free visit beach dot com. This is your summer. Your time this is your feet Something strange going. On at thunder radio Coast to coast AM we keep our friends close with, this We've talked about terro- cards before the. Program but we've got the home runs specialist of, all times Dr art Wilson garden talking about the Carol cards and it will also do. Some of your readings right here on coast to coast AM so don't miss the show and we. Keep our enemies closer coast to coast.

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