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Sure could occur when traffic it was the first I'll talk radio six eighty WCBS it was a soggy fourth of July weekend and we still are dealing with the rate for one more day today cloudy with showers a much cooler day AT the high finally tomorrow we dry out sunny and much warmer eighty eight Wednesday as well sunny eighty nine the high from the weather channel for talk radio six eighty WCBS it's summertime a tropical smoothie cafe and we're bringing back our fan favorite watermelon though he does movie right with our new barbecue chicken flatbread it's the perfect summer Perry available for a limited time only today tropical smoothie cafe eat better feel better now keeping you connected with the latest news this is talk radio six eighty W. CBM at W. C. V. M. dot com good morning I break liver the WZVN merrily news article that he was at eight thirty one former Maryland congressman and presidential candidate John Delaney warns voters will go against Democrats supporting Medicare for all Americans department of labor notifying seventy eight thousand customers it's breach database system may leave some personal information access was board of elections to allow voters to choose X. or unspecified as a gender when they fill out voter registration forms recent reports of migrant children were being held in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions in a detention facility in Texas drew widespread public health Rajan prompted Congress to pass a four point six million dollar bill providing humanitarian aid at the U. S. is southern border acting secretary of the department of homeland security Kevin not to lean and saying on ABC's this week there are now.

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