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Of the Chicago Tribune. Twenty five we continue our awesome conversation with the great duty pilot from our WGN newsroom. You also you've heard her talk about her opioid series. That's airing this week and tomorrow and Thursday as well on WGN radio. You can get you down wgnradiOcom duties also are goodbye, girl, and people are texting Judy. We're gonna miss you. We love Judy, and we're gonna miss Judy from the seven seven three I'll screen out screen shot for you. I love our listeners. I know I will miss them. But but you will be around you'll be around. His goodbye goodbye, girl. So and you have some holiday all the parties are about to start. Now this weekend. Yes. So an extra tomorrow, I'll be going out to sell my good bike. But I'll I'll let you in secret ahead of time and tell you what I'll be doing. Okay, cool. So yeah, it's all about gifts. Of course, you know. Standard. You don't want to spend the money, and I am all about recycling and up cycling, even if you have the money, you spend a lot of it. It's ridiculous. So go to goodwill. Let's say you have a reader in your life, and you want to get them something. Goodwill now has Oprah books an Amazon books, so it's so great and they're all in one section. So they're easy to fight. I would maybe get a sketch of books or five books and then put a big ribbon around tied up. And there's sure great holiday gift, you can give someone or say you have maybe cooking your life. You know, go to goodwill. Find a big patched up pack cookbook in there. Maybe a couple of spatulas maybe get oven mitts, some kitchen towels great gift for someone who likes to cook. I would think is giving you that Andrea? But okay, let me just tell you maybe a couple books. Wait, can I tell you? I actually got you a cookbook last night. Jason Belan was in from the golden girls pop up and he brought a couple of cookbooks. I save you one which I'm going to put in your drawer. You're gonna like the. No. But we do have to tell I have to tell I made the chicken potpie tonight, by the way and thought of you really you don't get mad. I want you to hang on for one more segment. I know it's late. But again, you can you can come in late tomorrow. But I wanna talk to you about more. Goodwill stuff and tell the until the recipe story. Okay. All right. Hold on this duty pilot. We'll be back with more after this on seven twenty WGN..

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