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To the Mickey Mantle school while everyone else online the day delayed several weeks as the teachers union said schools were not ready to open. However, parents still concerned this one spoke with Channel seven. Many schools don't have the PP supplies. That they need nor people on the same page, and at least 61 school buildings across the city saw confirmed covert cases. Even without Children present, Some parents telling Channel seven in person won't work. They're going to break this kid's hearts again because it's I'm scared that it's not gonna work staffing, also an issue. The principal's union said 10,000. More teachers were needed for the remote learning the mayor, promising less than half of that. The question is, will they be trained in time for next Tuesday when elementary students return or by October 1st when the middle and high school Students begin. Samantha Lippman 10 10 wins on the Upper West Side Services running normally on the A C any lines this morning after an A train derailed in 14th Street yesterday, causing massive disruptions and this was no accident. The man is under arrest charged with causing that derailment. Is Roger Stern reports from the 14th Street station. Lease a 30 year old Dimitrius harbor through construction debris on the track, causing the trains for front wheels to do whale train, then slamming into support pillars, which ripped open the front car like it was a sardine can Harvard is charged with reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, assault and criminal trespass. As for subway service, the MTs Frank ozeki says workers faced extensive repairs to get ready for this morning's commute. You have track opponents, including the track ties plates, eclipse the rails themselves. We have signaled damage. We have several 100 ft of third rail that was damaged. Good news. There were no serious injuries.

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