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Interested you can reserve your foursome by. Calling Richard bell for. One zero two eight four eight two one three or you can find out more information about that on The, lead, the, league, website, as well again, the deadline is August twenty seconds to register for that And the last one over there is They have, what's called day Lind Han annual. Art art art auction for camp. Greentop and that's always a great, event the Senate seventh annual and they're they're. Looking for artists to donate their works. The theme is piecing it all together each piece is going to be, a, line from the doctor. Sees book oh the places you'll go One hundred percent of everything. Goes to the scholarship for the. League for people with disabilities scholarships, up at camp greentop so I think we. Should do what's that August thirty first. Is the deadline for art I think we should submit something submitted a, piece, of artwork we think I'll bring some paint. You bring some Borden will slap some brushes at it come. Up with I used to do. Paint by number Well my favorite color six Okay And then the online auction begins in mid-september so you can find out more information about that of right the league for people early for people dot org as. Well So that's a little bit of what's going on over at the league they've got a lot of great things on David Greenberg got a great thing going on there So always willing to help. Him. Out as much as we can so I don't, know I think that would be great we could do some kind. Of We should we should. Get together with Dan Kepler yeah Were there could be a real. Collage Oh awesome Something with the. Thin, and Talk to, him in a while either but he's doing some. Great? Work still as well right we could just take, some post poor lady said and just start throwing paint, at the at the boards I don't know who's yard we're going to, do it in but we'll do this I don't think Probably not I. Look when we come back we're going to talk a little bit about. Some, stories that I've got we'll start out with TSA right after we come back from these commercials well you can join us in. The insight on disability group on Facebook for up, to.

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