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Is that what what's presented is is the best Possibly be and it's not a collection of things in that one. What makes this song the best? It could possibly be anything that doesn't mean to be there. Needs to go and I would say just the opposite in terms of I never feel bad about taking out but then again you know from the beginning. It's always been by Might instinct is to have the least amount of stuff to get the idea across. Who believes mount stuff doesn't mean that that's A. I'll say that that's an organizing principle for the way I work within sometimes will decide. Oh let's put a bunch of stuff are missing. That's the way we like it. It's fine it's not a rule to live by but it's a it's a way of thinking and the reason for it which is when you clear as much space as possible. The things that are left you really hear them. You really feel their personality. There's less There's less jockeying for for your attention. To- each thing it's live in its own space. And that's space is. What makes things sound so beautiful? It's the it's really you know the old adage the quiet between the notes. Yeah exactly. That's that's truly remarkable. Because for me it's like it would be torture to do something like that. You know like the idea for me because I'm listening. Oh Fuck Ya. It's the place my brain goes to his leg. How can the song the best that it can be without your favorite bit in the song? The favorite bid might end up being a different song. Yeah true current it's like the same like it's It's one of the things that I learned early on. We're working with bands will really players is that most great players want to show that they're players. I'm there is. There isn't much room for that team recording recording it really is what needs to be there to best serve the saw. It's not insertive unless of course you know a guitar hero album and it's really about showing the dexterity of the player not about if it's about the songs it's never about the coolest part it's about how parts interact to make the greatest whole sometimes the thing. That really cool ends up being a distraction. Yeah Yeah it's true. Yeah I mean I guess. That's kind of like the kind of philosophy that I'm like developing in myself at the moment you know because like so much of my music has been this kind of like layered Psych Rock GonNa symphonies with learners and was kind of the pinnacle of that were because it was so indulgent it was like this. Cincinnati. I'M GONNA tell on. This baseline is going to come in here and it was packed in peds packed in. So it's like a really sonically. It's really interesting Listen because nothing really jumps out at. You accept always bits which is similar vein isley. What's wrong with but also what's kind of like charming and beautiful about but You know like the that kind of discipline that you're talking about is something that I'm that that I that I see is is One of the greatest wisdom's to have you know being able to sense. What what what. What a piece of music needs and what doesn't knits. Lb Idea that maybe for particular project you want it to be super-dense and yet not being on itself a master. That's that's what makes that project that project. That's fine it's not. It's not like a everything has to be that way. It's more of a nightmare on. It's in the bag of tricks in the baggage right. Gotcha Yeah Yeah Fish. Oh I guess I just feel like yeah that that. That's kind of like a because it's a new and wonderful thing for me. It's kind of. It's one of those things I'm curious about. You know the next time met with both of 'em saint place and are in the world is a world where we're allowed to be same room then let's Let's get together and listen to music together. Now that'll be fuck fuck. Yeah Man. That sound good. I love that. Thanks to Kevin Parker for jumping on zoom to talk with Rick about his new out. Check out the slow rush along with our other. Favorite Tame Impala songs on their playlist. We created a broken record. Podcast DOT COM. You should also know. We'll be taking a little break over the next two weeks. But we'll be back may nineteenth new episodes in the meantime stay in touch with us on. Instagram. At the broken record pod shoot us a message. If there's an interview really want to hear us do and dive into old episodes of the podcast. You might have missed on whatever PODCAST APP you use for on our Youtube Channel at YouTube dot com slash broken record. Podcast broken record is produced help from Jason Gabrielle. Me Labelle plea arose in Martinez Olives. For Pushkin. Industries team is expect any beats Justin Richmond..

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