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Was hurricane? Florence is. Now, a tropical depression, but Florence is still dumping lots of rain on the Carolinas, and that's causing widespread flooding, and they're still saying what they've been saying since the beginning that the worst is yet to come. Let's check in with ten ten wins. News man, Al Jones. He joins us live from Raleigh this morning. L L E. The rain keeps falling, but it's not so much. What's coming down? It's the stuff that's already on the ground. The rivers continue to rise re-flooding areas. Originally hit by hurricane surge and flooding areas there were unscathed before and spent the day in hard hit new Bern yesterday where residents like Sarah, apple or back are just starting the long cleanup piling up the debris as well as sheet rock carpet furniture, and she lives blocks from the river it always floods over to east Front Street, that's normal. But I got a foot of water in the about a foot and a half. So that means it's up eleven feet. Also in new Bern FD NY battalion. And chief Bill Reddin leads a swiftwater team that rescued thirty eight people and they're not going home yet with standing by. If if this should happen and people need of since we're going to be be on the spot and well Newburn Jacksonville Fayetteville braced for more flooding Wilmington remains entirely cut off the floodwaters preventing any vehicles from getting there late. All right L. There is still rescues underway in flooded areas. Like Onslow county North Carolina where Norman Bryson is the emergency manager. We've had people on top of the roof of the cars, they drove into.

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