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So important since literally I feel like I'm the only person in America you perhaps with me actually highlighting these things. Against the mainstream media complex that David and Goliath I mean these are billion dollar companies pushing a narrative jiming down your throat spoon feeding into all day even though it's ally not telling the counterpoint even remotely when I when I love this book is that you challenge the premise, a lot of these conservative circles that we both run in I hear from even media. People on the radio and on television essay will Joe Biden's harmless and you say know your baseline is not harmless is that he's actually in more harmful because more people will vote for him. Thinking the policies are different than what they actually are. So that's the thing. He's not a candidate. He's a vessel for the radical left. He's like camouflage for the radical left. To push their agenda under the guise of it being a modern platform. But if you go through that Biden Sanders joint unity platform I'd like I said it's literally like the Communist Manifesto for the new age it should scare all of us. It will dress our economy into the ground. It will drive already stress systems whether that be education or health gardening into the Ground any will destroy. So of the American dream to a point where it's probably irreparable, you take that with some of the radical ideas of the left whether it's stacking courts statehood for DC statehood for Puerto. Rico that they get control of the Senate with another four senators and you have a fifty year power shift where you'd never have you'd probably never get it back. You'd never get the Supreme Court back. You never get the Senate back and that's how they would implement their Marxist ideology in this and destroy it in the process. So the titles liberal privilege and encourage check it out. Now don new grew up in New York you spend a Lotta time around liberals not around leftists. Can you talk about how your upbringing how you have seen what used to be called liberal now turn into just a radical insurrection. This is very helpful for a lot of our younger listeners who sometimes conflict terms because you you grew up around what would be called as liberal America, but that's not what's happening right now. Now, and it's beyond that I mean I think you know if you looked at John F Kennedy today a hero of the left he would be considered. All right. You know he'd be a Neo Nazi according to the left today You know this isn't your grandfather's Democrat Party this isn't the party that represents working class Americans anymore, and you don't believe just look at their platform. It literally spend more time focusing on helping people who are here illegally. Then it does actually American citizens look at what's going on into some of the you know. The the bills over the last couple of months. Corona virus. I mean Nancy Pelosi is sitting there fighting for billionaires and millionaires to get their salt deductions your back. But when my father says, Hey, I want to implement a payroll tax to put dollars back into America's wallets meaning your taxpayer dollars we want to give them back to you. She wants to give it back to billionaires I'd. Probably costs me six figures a year, but I wanted to go to the American people they need it right now it's their money and that's where government gets conflicted these radicals it's government money is no, it's not it's taxpayer money, and so I've seen that I mean again I grew up plays I've always been conservative but I grew at a place.

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