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At three like we think they are going to we always make fun of things when do you con women just absolutely obliterate opponents like their first round opponent the ncaa tournament this year they beat by eighty eight points saint francis of pennsylvania hornets did that to an nba team lesson is unbelievable kemba walker had forty six and made ten consecutive threes by the third quarter to lead the hornets over the grizzlies one forty to seventy nine i mean sixty one point is unreal and walkers twenty eight minutes of the fewest played in that forty five point game i it's just incredible what he did remember this is coming off the dwight howard right thirty for thirty on thirty for thirty five told you yeah thirty thirty points thirty rebounds i mean just ridiculous what's going on there for a team that's that's going to miss the playoffs so they're putting up some spectacular individual numbers here occasionally member kemba walker we started there's there was some talk about him at the trade deadline a bit as well then obviously didn't come to fruition so we'll see again just put this in perspective if you took out kemba fortysix they still would have won by fifteen point that amazing that's how crazy and how big the margin was there then there's this our guy tony romo quarterback played his first pga tour around the corrales punta cana resort and club championship yesterday he started out bogeybogey then made back to back birdies he was even par through a big stretch but then it fell apart on the back nine holes thirteen through sixteen he went five over at eight and fourteen fairways fifty percent of his greens to thirty bucks to finish with a five over par seventy seven he admitted he was nervous on the first tee but i gotta tell you he's not making the cut because at nine under par seventy seven out there on a pga tournament is a damn good school would agree with that and he said he was disappointed that he thinks putting was the best part of his game and it kind of let them down a little bit but we know you know you drive for dolan putt for or drive for show and putt for dough again right now we'll get it right and he thought that was a better part of his game.

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