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Republican women running to support president trump in con can texas we met dr alma already jondo lynch on who ran she has deep roots in this state her beloved long warns come when call robert hue keeps a gun tucked behind every door and her colorful cowboy hat collection on proud display she feels passionately that republicans in congress have not done enough to back the president which is why she's challenging the republican incumbent that we get enough people that are conservative like myself who have the passion in their heart yes we think of washington at you think it's going to take more women to sheikh of washington conservative women yes outside a local steakhouse voters tell us issues driving them to the polls range from immigration to education and gun rights but they do agree on one thing do you think washington understands the concerns of voters like you do you think what no no probably not without hesitation for this week mary bruce abc news del rio texas and we we read in the first he leaves on tuesday pals roundtable at next la or the president's commerce secretary on a brewing trade war attention fans of this week this is abc news chief white house correspondent jonathan karl i've got a tip for you if you're in the politics if you listen the podcast take a listen to the powerhouse politics podcast which i host every week with abc news political director rick line we break down the weeks news and talk to guess get all kinds of insights break news on occasion as well you can get powerhouse politics wherever you get your podcasts please subscribed today.

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