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Culture that's being created in and that is uh really devouring other aspects of our society you are by for remember '60s my older brother and then they started living together and i thought that was the next best thing for quite spry well so you have the components going on because they serve you don't have to get buried and just just to take off and then you have the program so the great society that there too and this this is all this is all true but as far as we know we know nothing about this guy's family to be perfectly wonderful family could be a religious family he could been raised in a very wonderful way and he could it turned out to be a uh a psychopath where we have lots of wonderful families leading that we have lots of wonderful current gergiyev we but we but we don't know in this case we just don't know enough right mark thank you for your input much appreciated let's go to as it's zan philadelphia pennsylvania the great wntp yeah hi mark what is your name it is dan because in a very good i know come up sorry what was that the right ahead well i am a uh a sophomore in um high school and uh uh at our school there is no security at all i'm surprised nothing has happened yet honestly it's uh it's really bad uh almost all the windows are glass you know um dude it's easy just a proper door open and it's it there's no lauren system on the doors and we have no security it's probably raise a good point i sit here listen to you you're a sophomore you somebody's hid and we send all of our kids into these these government schools under these facilities and so if you of evil people who want to do evil things they know exactly where to go and they know that what is it nine times out of ten ninety nine percent out of a hundred of our schools that they'll be able to do enormous amount of damage and it just seems to me if we truly love our children and we do that we need to insist that there be some kind of protection in these facilities in in these schools again i'm not casting aspersions on on the school system what i'm saying is i know exactly what you're talking about and they have a.

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