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Jona kid. Anyway, he passed away this week, the age of eighty two years old. Good buddy. All right. We also take a look at stuff mistakes, things that go wrong and movies and TV shows that someone should have stopped when they were filming it and fixed it, but they didn't. And that's what we call these things. Shit that should not be. We should. Shit should not. Today, shit that should not be comes from Michael Nelson. Caso. Michael Nelson from Brooklyn New York sent this one any. He said, it's from one of my favorite movies, rush hour. Two is the shit that should not be in this scene. Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan has a bomb taped into his mouth, right? And there's a detonator, the evil, the evil ladies detonators blow his head off. He's got a bomb tape into his mouth, and his hands are taped and his wrists are bound together. Oh, are they not according to this shit that should not be here. Now they're all together. How about who's jumping over..

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