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Today tonight fortyfive thursday 71 friday 67 so sixty nine seventy 167 and no sign of any ranked yes hey i still have seen no sign of any foliage changing in this area which is interesting i guess it's late down here is could go up north but there's a lotta great foley's down here a walk through the common and they got boston garden delicious urban walks i guess is my thing now at walking yay we go to sylvia in wealth anti sylvia hi the only guarantee an urban walk um i was wondering if we out in nature you're okay to come up and say hi to here and talk to you because i refine the green line going to riverside station and i saw you at hind eye to eye care is going to get tart improperly south right maybe you just want to be like our regular human being waiting philipe and not having every other human being coming up and talking to you like a talk show pressure now you income you can say of course come on up say hi hasn't happened that much people don't know me really i don't see any one yeah come on well let me convey senior time today don't wait look so i i said highlyranked usually with a high igf 1 barbour you i don't bother you because i guess what you taking up you out a regular machinery reject trader joe's um mlk that somebody else okay you wish you awaiting you're kidding in line conviction green line key stop last week i believe and i was on the green line and i was gonna say something to you and then you what i saw you and i'm copley square i can say something to you in the niger were close up you know how your seat if you see a rare eagle applying yuko up to the source he turned to the media so yeah komono can say hi okay thank you very much by.

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