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Schulman, play by play man on ESPN radio this fall, you hear him on the playoffs, you'll hear him on the World Series and of course you see him on Toronto Blue Jays broadcast play by play man and he was at the game last night, a great game Dan, Yankees, Blue Jays, going down to the bottom of the tenth inning stars involved, managerial decisions, everyone watching Aaron judge. It felt like a playoff game, buster. It really, really did. I mean, the Yankees had a magic number of one to clinch the division, the Blue Jays are trying to clinch a playoff spot. Aaron judge had 60 homers. It was a big lively crowd, and then all of the strategy in the tenth inning as you talked about and intentional walk on one side, no intention to walk on the other side. And Vladimir Guerrero junior coming up with the big hit in a game that the Blue Jays really needed. They would dearly love to be home for the first round of the playoffs and a win last night's another step in that direction. I'm going to ask you about Aaron judge, but first about the Blue Jays, it feels like in a year in which there have been so many inconsistencies where you're trying to figure out what's the bedrock of this team. Like they're kind of coming together as we get down the stretch here. Yeah, I think that's fair. They've never really had a stretch buster where offense and pitching have clicked at the same time for more than a few days. You know, there have been times where the offense has been great and they look like last year. And then there have been times where the offense cooled off a little bit. And the bullpen carried them, or then the starting pitching carried them for a while. But it does feel like they're closer to everything coming together now than they have before. They're a very good team. And I think they're a very dangerous team. Should they get into the playoffs, which looks like it'll be a formality. They're without a couple of players. Lourdes guriel junior, Santiago espinal. They're on the IL, but their depth has come through. You know, Whit merrifield has had some big games for them. Danny Jansen has had some big games for them. And I think they feel good about things. If they can get and maybe last night's game winning hit is something. If they can get vladi really going, you know, like he did last year. That's a game changer for them. That gives them an Aaron judge type bat in their lineup. And I think they feel very good with Alec mino and Kevin gausman up at the top of the rotation. Yeah, and I feel like that the way their path is beginning to take shape in the postseason. They're going to host a first round in Toronto. It looks like which would be awesome. We know how great the crowds are there. And then the second round, if you catch the Houston Astros, why view is the prohibitive favorites in the American League because of how good their pitching is. I want to catch them in a best of 5. Yeah. So it's interesting. The Blue Jays have lost the tiebreaker to both Seattle and Tampa Bay. So they've got to finish ahead of them in order to finish ahead of them. If you know what I mean. So I think there are two and a half up on the rage three up on the Mariners. So driving home last night do with the math, like I'm sure you would if you were in my situation if the Blue Jays go four and four. The rest of the way, Seattle has to go 8 and two, Tampa Bay has to go 7 and two. I think my math is right on that. It's not impossible. It looks like the Blue Jays will host, but it's not impossible. But the other thing is, say they get down to the last day of the season and there were game up. Do they throw Alec mino in that game to get home field? That has been a big conversation piece here because John Schneider has said a lot of different things are under consideration for that last day. So if you're a Blue Jays fan, you want them two games clear of Tampa Bay in Seattle heading into the last day of the season just so there's no temptation to use Alec manoa. Obviously for them to have a chance to win a play. Their best chance to win a playoff series is to have Alec Manila stark game one of that series. So the funny thing about the Blue Jays in Houston too. And I don't love this. They played all 6 of their games against each other in April on back to back weekends. They have not seen each other for 5 months. But, you know, again, the Blue Jays are one of these teams. They could go to and out, and they could get hot and they could roll people. Like they've got that much talent. So, but I'm hoping it's at home. 45,000 people at roger center sounds like fun to me. All right, one of the big talking points in a once we get into these rounds of the postseason will be about the right handed nature of the Toronto lineup and if they face Houston, that potentially be an issue Toronto's excuse me, Houston's loaded with right handed starters. How do you see the Blue Jays adjusting to that? I remember at the time that the trade deadline we talked about how did that point and I'm sure this held the Blue Jays probably had seen the most number of matchups that were deemed unfavorable without the platoon advantage, yes. Exactly. By a mile by a mile, it's not even close. I think they kind of are who they are to be honest with you. Now there are certain times rymel choppy is in the lineup. There are certain times cabin visio is in the lineup. But if Lourdes guriel junior gets hot and if Whit merrifield stays hot, you could have an all right hand hitting lineup in playoff games. You really could, you could have Alejandro Kurt DH and Danny Jansen catching in some games. You know, the other thing with Houston, you're going to see and we're getting ahead of ourselves here, but you would see a from birth all day, right?

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