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On basically like almost a basically a on Yom Kippur. So I can't even eat can't get celebrate it. It's the right year for that. Yeah. All right. Just give one. Would you big birthday guy in? Yeah. Just order out. I maybe two maybe two dinners to dinner usually my wife, my wife makes me a pie always. What Pie Apple Cherry. She's been doing cherry the last few years but she knows I don't like birthday cake. Birthday Pi Yeah okay. That's it. I don't know I'm not I'm not a crazy birthday. All right. Let's from Jenny Autumn's who she has to say. Welcome to the stage Jenny Autumn. I just WanNa say what an absolute pleasure it is to be a part of renounced one hundred episode and given the opportunity to roast and toast among a panel of esteemed personalities. Wow, robin, Akiva one hundred episodes. That's one episode for every complaint there's been about having an astrology podcast. You know while you've discussed pepe pig and Ryan's toy. Review. I've never considered this podcast for children but read it has proven that you do in fact, have a strong demographic of literal babies. One of my favorite things about run up is that you've managed to turn the laziest non idea for a podcast into a success. You literally were like, Hey, idiot, we don't have any unique ideas of our own. So give us yours and we will tell you that most of them suck and people just keep coming back for more truly inspiring but I shouldn't knock your work ethic. You're both extremely dedicated to this podcast. For example, sometimes rap is the fourth podcast rob has recorded in a row and he still brings the fire and sometimes Akiva actually sits up. Rob, you've built such an amazing brand. You've done such a good job creating the Patriot community and you have this way of making every patron feel like they're your friend. which is kind of this podcast. You've spent one hundred episodes making Kiva feel like you're actually his friends. Believe it or not. I actually have a long common with Robin. Kiva? For example. We're all libra. An I even share a birthday. Rob. and. I are both raptors fans Yup. Both Robin Akiva I to have never parented a child in. Our Society does is actually my favorite podcast and I'm so glad to see it going strong after one hundred episodes. It myself dramatic but this community has legitimately changed my life and I want to again congratulate you on one hundred episodes. Here's to one hundred more. Thanks for having me you Jenny. Autumn. Wow Our daughter-in-law any autumn. That was very nice. Audio wins best audio also was very. Kiva this is this is wonderful because I feel like, i. have a friend when we do these podcasts. Yeah. No that was good. It was really good. Yes. Okay. All right. Let's listen to a time that you and I got roasted and it was not in the context of one hundred episodes. A ready for this. Yes. Let's go back to season three episode seven of survivor and we you and I had spoken with T. Bird Cooper, and then we had the idea of trying to incorporate all the different weekly parts of the survivor podcast cycle into one episode of Rene up and that's exactly what we did. Back. On. February. Eighth Twenty Twenty was we kicked off the new survivor season on episode number seventy of Rob Makita podcasts, and we brought in the person who was voted out in season three episode seven of survivor. It was clarence black WHO's become a beloved parted the renowned universe and it was all because of this from February of twenty.

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