FBI, Jeff Sessions, Rosenstein Muller discussed on Red Eye Radio


Did you know that that the agencies they all believe that this but if you're if you're building this kind of of masterful plan then you need essentially you need it to look like the world is in agreement on it that that it's verified especially when it is something like the dossier which we now know was unverified but it was great by the way here bouncing back and forth during the press and the fbi during terms with attorney general jeff sessions shoved out of the way rosenstein muller than ignored their own conflicts and took charge anyway rosenstein is a fact witness and muller is a friend of commes disqualifying them both flush with sixteen prosecutors including former a former lawyer for the clinton foundation in an undisclosed budget the muller investigation has been a scorched earth effort to investigate the entirety of the trump campaign trump business dealings the entire administration and now if not if it was not russia may be at some other country the president's earlier legal team was naive in believing that when muller found nothing he would just end it instead the less investigators found the more determined an expansive they became this president and his team now are on a better road to put appropriate limits on all of this this process must be stopped preferably long before vote in the senate rather than a fare limited and impartial investigation the mother investigation became a partisan open ended inquisition that by its precedent is a threat to those who ever want to participate in a national campaign or an administration again it's prosecutions have all been principally pressure witnesses with unrelated charges and threats to family or just for a public relations effect like the indictment of russian internet trolls unfortunately just like the doomsday machine in dr strangelove that was supposed to save the world but instead destroy it the muller investigation comes with no off switch you can't fire mueller he needs to be defeated like ken starr the independent counsel who investigated president clinton remember this is mark penn finding the off switch will not be easy step one here is for.

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