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Yosi around the nearside Ellis finesse it out to center point retrieves back to the lightning and Danja. Artie, launches it forward to Gord across the line left circle. Yanni Gord high slot point of feet in front. Johnson. Takes it by at all you had an open net cetera. Impede got intercepted. By Colin citizens, but the line here getting a power play out of this oil looks like Johnson had a chance to tuck that in on a wraparound as the net was wide open. Instead he tried to feed it in front and a penalty on Nashville now good job by Yanni gorge to recognize the Tyler Johnson had the wraparound opportunity. He goes to the net. And I believe he's the one who drew that big cross-checking penalty against him trying to get in front there. But good net from presence and a great scoring chance. Tampa Bay Lightning cross-checking on Yosi at forty two seconds the linings power placement. Scorching hot in the last couple of games. JT Miller loses the face off though. Here's Dan hand. Use on the far side. They'll flip it out with his own boy near seven for their last eleven in the last games on the man advantage there. Twenty nine point seven percent overall this year fourth in the league. The middle of center pass Cup locked in the neutral zone by Michio Satcom. Kucherov has to regroup short PD Miller. L swing it in and chase JT Miller Saadallah circle punch across as Takuji operate circle. Centerpoint headman with a pass got taken away by Austin Watson printed out to center, ice and echo shorthanded aligning zone at home, Vanson the right corner. And then he is stripped by kucherov breads, by the way or eighteen in the league in the penalty. Kill seventy nine point eight percent all over headman disrupts and other pass. It's back at center ice icons had a strong shift bounce it in on demand. Lanier getting the other unit out there. With fifty eight seconds left in the penalty Mikhail circuit,.

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