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I would if he wants a lot of money for being really good to like it would just gonna go through this again probably yes yeah so maybe i wouldn't disabled money and just wait to trade for land and gals nature it's very i would love to see a team with because even one in four that's that was kyri in tristan thompson like i would i would love to see one and two and it really any sport i think i remember the browns had what one didn't browns have one and two it's a coordinator brian it was like according to brown and gerard warren i think i'm trying to find what you yet two thousand nfl washington head to in three okay they had they took lavar arrington in chris samuels decent both those guys made pro bowl dur i i don't know i wanted to though it'd be like the announce them simultaneously those guys have beef for be like why is take me one yeah it cost me several hundred thousands of dollars of this contract i would like to take two quarterbacks is that even a possibility i wouldn't i not i wouldn't be in the position in the first place i wouldn't be trading odell beckham but correct of the saying again you'd buy zab number two pit like i don't i don't like these guys that much them's who don't like to i think that's the point though because you you're like one of these guys has to be good just by the numbers of it maybe so let's let's get as big of a a net here as possible.

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