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Just the air of invincibility and the adjust felt that some way somehow his teams were always going to win as just as a fan. You had to trick yourself into believing that the other team really could way just just a Benz. But if you wanted to pick the moment of actual legitimate vulnerability. It's ninety three. The Knicks are up to. Oh in the conference finals now. I did not think the bills were vulnerable. Even then but if you're down to oh when you don't have home court you're you're vulnerable and game five game. Five is the Charles Smith game that comes out to the world if that game differently you know. It's so it's that and it's Pacers game seven hundred ninety eight that you're talking about and it's my favorite of the Bulls finals just as a fan. My my most favorite. The one that was most into was ninety seven against Utah which has two two and game five is in Utah. And it's the flu game at two two game four is when Stockton and Malone the full cost last minute of the game one of the great passes in NBA History Malone as it in Utah goes up by one goes on to win at that moment. You thought maybe the jets can can actually do this. And then game five happens in Michael Sick and he looks sick and on TV or like this dude can barely walk. I just remember thinking the jazz are going to go up three two. They might actually pull this up. So those are the moments of vulnerability ninety seven ninety three and Pacers game. I don't pick whatever one. Those were the ones where the invincibility was like. Well what I think those teams had in common and I go back to the Pacers team of nine eight aunt and the next thing. They were big. They'd played volleyball. They were strong. They were physical. And you know. The patients were down two to nothing in that series to the Bulls in in ninety eight and the conference finals. And they were getting manhandled. Phil. Jackson did a really smart thing. He put Scottie Pippen. Mark Jackson so mark Jackson made his living posting up smaller guards. And now all of a sudden couldn't do that and I think it was Ron Harper on Reggie Miller so he made some really good adjustments so the first two games. The Pacers you're thinking. They got no chance. They got no chance in this series. They can't they can keep up with these guys but what they started doing was just saying. Let's pound them. This is where we have an advantage. We have a size in a physicality advance. Let's use it and that's how they got themselves back into that series you know and they just got really really physical when of course came forward. That's the famous shot that we see all the time of. Reggie pushing off Michael. The game winner at Fills Yali calls. We never get any calls. Which was just beyond to Larry's Michael and that's where he just standing happen yet. You know just literally. He's watching. He's watching train. Go by or something on a piece of that was all by design. I have asked him about that a bunch of times and he said to me. I just thought I cannot show outside. Anka's I know it's not over. I don't want them to get giddy. We haven't done anything yet. All that was very much by design and Brad Stevens if you notice. He's a little more emotional now. He's getting more comfortable in the NBA. But when he first came into the League you'd be very deadpan if they want a game a game at the Buzzer. You would think Brad no expression I asked him about it once and he said when I was a kid growing up in Indiana I watched Larry Bird and I saw that and I thought okay. That's how we have to do this. That interesting it's funny a- It is It is funny. How Different Cultures? React to. But lay a larry was ridiculous. That was ridiculous. That just see stood there like you're a strategy realizing Larry Bird he said I will only coach three years and then actually was a man of his word only coach three years. I just think he could have been a hall of fame coach. I really do of so. He always talks about game. Seven of that series in ninety eight and before the game Michael Guarantees Wind shocking. Michael Jordan of course is unbelievable. He's unbelievable but this is the play that libraries talks about the. It's there there are three about six minutes left. The Pacers are you know what I I. I haven't watched having watched the game the other day. I have a guest of what I think it'd be Derek McKee knocks the ball. Loose does die. They're diving on the floor. There's a jump ball. Is this what you think my guest? But my guess is it's Rick Smits and Michael Jordan. Okay now of course is greatest Jordan is. It's probably not GonNa win this tip. Rick Smits seven feet tall. So they're lining up for the jump bird and Dick Carter. His right hand. Man is assistant. Coach are standing there. They watch everybody lineup. And Pippen's kind of hedging a little bit in on Reggie Miller who's in front right at least in front and it's it's clear sailing for Smith's to tip behind would be an easy tip now remember. The Pacers are up three here so they're looking at it and burned sexual self. Oh this is perfect. He'll just sit back and then he's like Shoot he never hits back. He always sits at four now. This is all in a mental mental milliseconds. Right so harder says to. Maybe we should call timeout birds thinking no no no. We're going to win the tip. I WANNA save time out. But as he's thinking this he's like what I've never seen Smith's tip it back he's GonNa tip at Ford. They're going to intercepted. I'M GONNA call timeout and it's too late the balls up in the air and PIPPA does exactly what bird fears. He jumps in front of Richie. Smits TIPS IT to Reggie Miller. Pippen jumps the passing lane steals the ball. Get it to Michael Jordan. Who BY THE WAY MRS? Because you were talking about. It doesn't make every shot. Missed THAT SHOT BUT PIP. And got the rebound. Because of course they killed him on the offensive glass. It was like yeah like is how they WANNA get crazy. What Michael Jordan in that game has four baskets that are that are put backs and I think three of them are awesome his own shots including including rebels but anyway so he misses the shot. Tip gets the rebound. Kicks IT OUT TO CURRY? It's a three so instead of the Pacers winning the tip a chance to be up five now to tie game and if you ask about that game that you ever get the chance ask about that. Because that's what he remembers all these years later so I watch the dealer day and and it looks like you're watching all these games are low definition and it's like you can't even like low definition feels next will be doing like this. Why excuse the players are it? Looks a little bit like Jordan jumps in his arm kind of hit smits his arm and I it looks. It's hard to tell because it's from the twenties but it looks like his arm Kinda Hits Smith's his arm and interferes with Smith's his ability to completely control the like Switz- wins the tip but he can't quite directed it where it wants to attack the Edwards that was worth spurts point. You Know Steve Kerr is coming on the podcast next week to talk about Jordan in the last dance and I texted him. I was watching the game. I said Steve this jump ball. You know you get this offense rebound you hit a three two. I just I just said Steve. I just watched you tie game seven with a three and this crazy jump ball. And he said Reggie Miller to this day talk about that. Play all the time about how that would play the swung. The game are changed the game. The I don't know what he said he said. Reggie and I talk about that play. Every time we stick vard's craw that and of course the rebounding. I think they also missed a ton of free throws didn't they they missed like forte throws throws. Yeah well a lot by a lot of them are they. Can't they'll be missing is that's what that's what he does before. I let you go. I mean we're talking about games. But what are some other personal Michael Jordan? Memories that you can share that are important to you. I mean even in your piece you talk about how you see him today and you see you know a father who likes to go skiing with his kids and he tells him stick with you for some reason. So what are what are some? Maybe there's something a an interview did with him. That meant something to career. Maybe I don't know what else comes to mind. I called him about a story. I was doing I think it was. Kobe was doing a story on Toby's retirement. And all the great mentors he had and of course Jordan was a number one. I wasn't sure if Jordan you never know if he's going to call you you know you talk to. Sd His great assistant. Why a door do Jordan's number but a very very rarely ever texting because I shouldn't have as number then we're going to do that right so I think the only time I've ever texted him. Frankly was day Kobe died. I texted him. And that's when he told me I can't even know words right now I can't even But anyway so I'm at home with husband was away on actually and the phone rang and it was a Florida number and I'm like asked probably either radio show that I don't feel like doing right now or Bamn but I don't know maybe picking up. It was him and I had called him for this story for Kobe. And he was fantastic. And the thing that really resonated with me was Kobe's wanted to be like Jordan. That's really all he wanted to. He just wanted to be Jordan and Jordan really had a soft spot for Kobe. I heard it. This is not. This is not after the fact. Now the Kobe's gone this is. Kobe was alive and well. He was about to retire and the kindness with which Michael Talk about Kobe. That night's me some of it off the record some of it on so I won't share the off the record stuff because that wouldn't be fair but real concern that Kobe because he fell short. He didn't win the six championships like Jordan data because people are always comparing him to Jordan and talking about how koby fell short that really bothered him because he really had great respect for Kobe. Going about things the right way in terms of preparation in terms of that killer instinct that we've talked about a bunch on this podcast so there was a real kindness about Jordan when he spoke of Kobe that you know. I don't have reflective kindness that I don't think I'd always heard before when he was in you know in the throes of competition and We have a kind of a long conversation that night. I had actually ended up in the announcement. Something I'd be telling. I ended up in the emergency room that day I had had Like a heart publication which I had never had before and I've never had since not sure why I had it and So he said what are you doing? I said Oh. I got my slippers on my husband's away on a Guy. Ski Trick in Drinking a glass of wine and I said maybe I should just had this thing. Today I went to the I don't know why I even told him. And he was like. Hey now at our age. You don't mess with that. That's you gotTa make sure you follow up with and it was funny like because we're we were both for Colson Age. You know I'm older but we're similar age and it just sort of occurred to me when I was speaking with him that day that evening which was a while ago now. Whatever Kobe's final year plan was that I don't know we've been through a lot together that's consult like to me. It was a very nice feeling to have. He was not in my market. You know he was not in Boston. It wasn't like experiences with bird and perish Mikhail banning all them But it it meant something to me and it was. It was great to have a conversation with them. That had nothing to do with me trying to find out something that was relevant to his career. His legacy was just two people having a conversation. And those are the things. I think that all of us that do this business. When you have those moments you cherish them what you're really describing is. You've got a much more personal and private in early. Sneak peek at his speech at Kobe's memorial which identified. Yeah which surprised so many people because it's just a side of him that no one really hit ever seen before and in fact the contract with Hall of fame speech which is sort of classic ultracompetitive Sacco Jordan that that speech at Kobe's thing just blew everybody away and you got well in four or five years in advance of a sort of a private and personal in much longer and in-depth kind of version of that personal that's fits very interesting..

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