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Called trunk fest I like the name if Chung fescue helps join Katie yes you know what chunky boy you know what to talk about is the vehicle yeah right so we got chunk fast that's happening over at the fair state brewing cooperative over in northeast Minneapolis so we're celebrating chunky K. I love and ads yes Dan with his overweight cats yeah well I might not even be overweight but they deserve a chunky face yes Sir just a chunky yeah Laura about yeah yes this is so you can celebrate those big boys with the Kitty revolution and no a local no kill cat shelter here is also going to be big boy adoptable cats handmade can can name coloring prizes and then also fair state brewing is releasing a new beer called make a Junker so that is happening tomorrow from noon to three PM and then also something happening all week long I feel like Laurie would be interested in visiting this so this is happening at a shop called June resale it's over on Lindale Avenue in uptown and it's Lori Barbero is vintage T. shirt sale so she is selling a bunch of vintage T. shirts apparently she collects them bands events logo's all sorts of stuff also early eighties concert photography from Tommy Smith said this is happening all week long at June resale you can go on over starting at six PM tonight ten AM to six PM tomorrow and noon to five PM on Sunday because who doesn't love a vintage teacher love yes and you know Lori Barbero is going to have some awesome T. shirt I'm writing this down because this is that's for sure okay is it my turn yes it is I have three things first thing on my agenda they're doing girl shorts twenty twenty gremlin theatre at the annex building where they're gonna have some epic people that are who made some shorts though had the one of them is in the living room fail better ninja swim bunch of shows from women around here and it's definitely worth going to the tickets are only fifteen dollars and you can check them out there over there over at the city pages girl shorts twenty twenty should be really fun and then I know this isn't new but they're still I'm obsessed with that and I I think I under when it first when he previewed it didn't look that interesting I can take a look that interesting to look as good as it as its make million you guys I am obsessed make millions is the story behind and you know million dollar give away the monopoly game the McDonald's and and it's not like okay this story is enthralling and interesting but it has the most it he made characters these characters that are in this story and we're telling the stories are like these people can't be real even the F. B. I. agent this guy's name's Doug Matthews is like something that you would see an acquitting Tarantino movie like his gun ho ob gyn Hoeness and things like that where he was like yeah he's just so over the top you have to watch it in my last pick is from three thirty to five thirty I'm gonna be wandering around Saint Paul between a wedding and reception so if you see any please find me something to do that would be please if you can just engage in maybe a conversation maybe you know we'll split it up three thirty five thirty get some southwestern egg rolls with Britney yeah come hang out with me and wandering around same ball waiting for the wedding to start so if you see a random woman yeah yes to the nines is teetering around St Paul yeah he Britney so usually just yell at her and be like a puzzle do it you know do we want to talk about something for a couple of minutes and then we can have the piece de resistance Lori and Julia showing we can play the game when the next segment do do which you have not would live game in next Wednesday hello game in that segment that's enough chunky boys town get what is it you want to talk about I lose control and boys just to clarify you can have chunky boy that our other animals as well yes chunky got played a lot of things but it's definitely like.

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