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Brian anthony davis. We just talked about expectations. I wanna get your thoughts on some training camp battles and i have an article to running on wednesday. I think it's ads nine o'clock in the morning and i basically went through all the training camp battles that we had going on prior to camp. Starting wanna see where you think. It is as of right now so you already penis. Yes no bugging dried. You haven't been ready for anything. It's not expectation. One more expectation and that go for brian to actually watch the game. So we can discuss. That will be every single snap. Let's get let's get to this day. No of deontay. Johnson played them. Okay let's go with the center position so we're talking about the battle that was between half an hour finney and green. We all know. Dave brought it up at the press conference. Everyone was like tomlin. Say that he shouldn't. You shouldn't read too much into green getting to starts to start. The preseason doesn't matter and we're back leaves adamant one game after one game. How do you see shaking out at the center position. Brian will start with you. I graded the other day. Mr kendrick green or i'm sorry quadrant green day. I apologize Mr green number fifty three i. It looks like they are grooming him to be the starter and the way he played in the game. He got a lot of push in the hall of fame game. It seems like he's winning that battle already. But we haven't seen that much of anybody else. I think it's almost like the I'm sure we're going to talk about the other battle. The big battle the jeff's concern about but it's almost. I'm not going to bring those players up. But i am going to bring up kendrick renowned and say if he could continue to be consistent and get the kind of play that we got from him in the hall of fame game then. The job is probably his if he if he reverts back to looking like a rookie. 'cause he i thought he looked. I thought he looked pretty good the other day. I know there was a there was some problems with snaps in practice but there was not a problem with a snap from him mason. It was a bubble between mason and chase klay poll so i was not as concerned about that so if he plays clean that battles his i think right now. He's got to be the front runner daily thing. I was surprised at something from this past game. Do you know the kendra. Green played the least amount of snaps on the offensive line of any player. I kind of blew my mind. I need because i read the article. Did the arctic want it that that surprised me. That has our played forty one and green played eighteen. Where with every so they brought hashing our and to play. What one series with the guys that were running his ones in that game before they didn't switched the four guys which i thought was kind of interesting but i still kind feel like it's greens job to i. Don't wanna say lose. I'm going to say to not grab because he's being given every opportunity to do it. Synock grand to not grow. I mean if he if he doesn't get if he doesn't get the week one starting job. It's not from lack of a chance to show what he has. He's been given the opportunity day in day out in practice running with the once every time when they start practice and the good new seven shots they liked the list out. Who's the offensive line. I try to put that tweet. In the in the tracker article every day and it's been kendra green. So he's getting his chance but it's funny because my talented say you know. Should we read into this. And he said you shouldn't and then he followed it up with all these glowing remarks of kendra green his work ethic. And now he's adapting well and varsity level stuff unless kendrick green starts throwing snaps over heads are bouncing them fumbling. It's his job. I think that's to say it's his job like y'all said all right. Let's go to another training camp battle. Let's talk about guard. This wasn't necessarily one that was talked about a bunch but now the sudden rashard cowart his in injected himself into a very important role guys. What's going to happen. Guard in terms of the depth. Not necessarily starters but who they keep you got half an hour he can play guardia finney. Who can play guard finney. I don't think played any snaps at center on monday night. So what are we going on with the depth. That guard. brian go ahead. I think the guy that is the most susceptible to being cut would be. Bj finney out of the three. I i would think that. I think that they're high enough on half an hour with the fact as a backup being able to play both positions. And if it's it's a situation between the both of those. I think has an hour winds that face off now. I a lot of people in the live chat will do not wanna see that and i get it but i'm just saying what i think will happen now. Coward came out of nowhere. And when i say came out of nowhere the fans when they signed him and when they signed jo hague as well when they signed both of these guys they there was no excitement over it. There was really no fanfare whatsoever. They they were being labeled as camp bodies. And i think coward came out in that game the other day and proclaimed that i am not a camp body that i can go ahead and hold down my job here so i really think that. If it's a face. I mean if it's the three to go in it's not going to be finn but if the front runner right now for that backup guard position has got to be coward based on what we saw all right dave leaving about the guard position. Yeah i'm kind of on the exact opposite end. There is one brian. Anthony davis i think. Bj finney in how he played in the hall of fame game and the fact that he stepped in guard and in my opinion. He's a much better guard than center. I think i don't think there's any way vinny feeney does make the team. He's just he came. We have. I haven't talked about him enough because i've was one that said. Hey we don't have anything from two thousand twenty to go off of because he wasn't even going to get on the field for seattle and then after he got traded to the bengals couldn't get on the field there either but you know what he was on the field on monday night or monday night thursday night in the hall of fame. I can't remember what what date is. He played twenty four snaps. And if you not to have grades or what you know if they're the end all be all everything. I'm not saying that but jeff did. The article finney was the third highest ranked offensive lineman get. He did very well because they adamant dart. I've from the very beginning. I've had reshad coward on this team because i thought you know he actually brings in some experience at guard and right now. He's you're starting left guard for now. So that's why. I'm thinking that's the way rolls out. We weren't even talking about guard yet. But we kinda got there because of the anything right. Yeah and our possibly making the team. I have passed now or not. Make a team to boy. Wha- what a damning thing now it'd be he's starting center on the right now. I think it's pretty change. I know they love guys names on the table. Let's go to the next position the training camp battles of running back. This got interesting because of an injury. That was benny snell. Ceylan biolog- has played well but now he's hurt and he's probably not going to play on thursday. We know nauseous making the team..

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