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Well I'm I'm sorry to say that a New Zealand has done very well with the coronavirus were you sorry when you say well because that means avatar two has started filming again shuffle with avatars two three four and five they said the yeah this is they've there are a lot of little several weeks goes unanswered avatar sequels which have been filming there would be getting back underway after two week warranty period to make sure that everybody traveling from other countries is safe and that's been done and now and now filming has resumed avatar franchise producer Jon Landau made the announcement of the resumption of filming via Instagram with a picture that due to the nature of avatar really doesn't show much but it's cool to see things getting under way at least according to this article and there is still going to be a new episode of thirty rock it's been off the air for now as long as it was on the air but fans of the classic sitcom have reason to celebrate Liz lemon and Jack Donaghy and the whole thirty rocket gang will be coming back in and then I also meant to Tuesday and B. she revealed thirty rock thirty rock will return for one hour long episode on sixteenth the episode will double as NBC's annual upfront event previously these upfronts working in person events but that required change plans because of covert indiewire said that given special billing as an upfront event and it appeared and it's apparent focus on NBC universal's portfolio the project is likely intended to woo advertisers would normally attend the company's physical up front event I've got a scene from the shoreline this is Jack Donaghy from.

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