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I'm cheri preston he is still on teen trump ousted white house chief of staff reince priebus he says he supports the president's agenda even though he has been forced out of a job replaced by homeland security secretary john kelly changes good he wanted to go a different direction i support him in that and i look forward to working with general kelly over the next couple of weeks previous on cnn abc's jonathan karl with more on what president trump is looking for these hoping for is a restored here one senior adviser who stole their told me that the next thirty to sixty days are absolutely critical really ari he's going to have a restart it's got to be now no restart on healthcare following the failed senate obamacare repeal it b c congressional corresponding mary bruce renowned leadership is moving on republicans have a long list of other priorities there eager to get to in fact friday on their way out of town we spotted house republicans being given new talking points on tax reform following his surprise vote senator john mccain is back in arizona four cancer treatment south korea asking for talks with the us following north korea's latest show of force the sound of north korea's intercontinental ballistic missile test over the sea of japan dimissal launched on july fourth this icbm was blasted straight into space but the north can angle the missile trajectory for distance instead of altitude and today's missile went higher end flu liu longer than the july fourth test which is why experts fear it could potentially hit the mainland abc news chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz the white house says president trump will sign legislation implementing tough new financial sanctions against russia heavy rain and some flooding along the eastern seaboard there are flash flood warnings up for some minute land tikk states anthony latch are pulled a man to safety from a swamped vehicle south of pittsburgh for me i just do it at the local fire department took ninety rescue calls last night you're listening to abc news brought to.

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