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And I think he was also in Ohio Guy wasn't your high school? Yes, Yes, Iwas. What did Art Modell that was after after after Paul Brown? Well, Art Modell fired Paul Brown. Yeah, and art I want to say art. Ah! In 1960 for the Browns beat the cult's I remember that game a little bit is a kid. And that that was That had to be Paul Brown. Paul Brown had to be the coach of 60 for I don't know. Maybe Art Modell was the owner of the team in 64. I don't know. And then Paul Brown left and you get fired. But he did. He founded the Cincinnati Bengal That is correct. And their first year, I think was 68 68, so he founded to NFL teams. Named one after himself. Did he name because the owner says was taxicab magnet. Arthur be Mickey McBride. Mickey McBride? Yeah. Okay. Cleveland McBride. So he must have had the conversation. Maybe over. I don't know. Shot of whisky. You start this franchise. I want to call it the Browns. It would be like Rick. Walking into. I don't know what Pittman have. I hurt and say, Listen, I'd like to call at least the cluster in Denver. I heart Louis Radio. What do you think? Yeah, sure. Great idea, Rick because he was the first coach. They called it. Rounds. That's what it looks like, I guess, And it looks like the From when I was just handed by millennial Grant. There's two schools of thought on it like there's no Definitive answer. Well, there's a there's a There's an article in the 1995 Washington Post. That says, contrary quote, contrary to popular belief, the Browns were not named for the famous coach Paul Brown. Rather, they were called the Brown bombers after the nickname of the revered boxer Joe Louis. The name later was shortened to the Browns. Interesting. However, despite his early references to the Joe Louis story, coach Paul Brown never really endorsed it later in life, admitting that the team was in fact named after him. So there you go. So we have dueling we have doing Stories. Bengal Stadium is named Paul Brown Stadium. That is correct. It is correct that he hated hated Cleveland. I know plain in the Siri's back in the day and then and then force Greg Of who was my first the late Hall of Famer. It was my first head coach. My first two years. Then Art Modell fired him and that he became the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, and you talk about Intense games when the Browns we'd have to go to Cincinnati area of Paul Brown, who was fired by Art Modell, the owner and the founder of the Bangles, and you have Forrest Gregg, who also was fired by by Art Modell, the coach of the Bengals. The the Mike Brown and those guys are the ground still there. Mike's his son, son, Okay, so this is what this says, is. The name of the team was left first up to Brown, who rejected calls for it to be christened the Browns. McBride then held a contest. 1945 and Cleveland Panthers was the most popular choice, but Brown rejected it because it was the name of the earlier failed football team. He says The Panther teams failed. I want no part of that name in August of MacBride gave into popular demand and named the team the Browns despite Paul Brown's objections. So there you go. For both of you that wanted a little bit of history about Cleveland Brown. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah. Paul Brown had a lot of clout for a guy who was a high school coach. Sure did. I think he coached masculine, didn t I think so, Yeah. Masculine high school. John in Inglewood is joining us on cable news radio. Good Morning, John musical artists. Did you see the guy can't think of his name? The one hit? Wonder that things Charlie Blackmon song? Yes, the, uh The lead singer of the outfield died yesterday. Songs.

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