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I mean everyone got so. Are we doing it again this year. Do you know is it official or there's just talks so far what do we know about. Yea so You know the nfl nickelodeon. They've created a relationship I'm going to be working with nickelodeon and Small capacity every week. I can't give you too many details on that. But let's just say it's going to be exciting show but then As far as games go. Yeah i i believe that the nfl Has started something that a lot of leagues will follow suit. Semaj playing basketball steph. Curry's to three pointer goes in splashes in slime and imagine you know watching the baseball you hit a home run as soon as the you know. The slimes limestone is the crowd so endless endless possibilities. Now it's about good morning football for a little bit before we wrap. This is such a lame in cliche question. But i'll do it anyway. Do you have a. What is your favorite memory of the show. Don't give me like all the relationships they give single. Memory i got there was a moment in time. Kyle talked about it a little bit on the show where we'd turned into versions of ourselves. I got so comfortable where we're just a lot of inside jokes Locker room humor During the commercial break and then whenever we had a stand up segment may kyle with just like wrestling each other in the first couple of times it was just like a greco roman grappled. Watch watch balance. We'll stay up then. He took me downtime. I took him down the time. And then from there we were tackling each other like every week. And i remember lawyer the producers from nfl network. Like y'all got a chiro like one like you're going to damage something in here. Two more importantly you guys gonna hurt and it's on us so you have to sell so that was bad memory that i remember when i knew i we finally became A team versus a group of people working together And then we have these outdoor shoots. We were doing. We went to a park in new york like shooting in Basket don't football in the basket kyle. Climbs climates bids but craig hanging out plumbers crag. And then we did this. Uh you know pizza pizza like like a like a bill trip but it's all again and in the pizza and then we come. This genius idea need to the passes uncompetitive. I'm going crazy. I'm gonna win a love pizza. Of course people knock crash carts on seguin and then kyle is ultracompetitive. Like he wants to win everything right. He was so complex. Give me a moon est. It's funny because he survived but he almost died like no exaggeration. And i i've been talking to producers that. What do you want to see him. Show this week as like finally the clip where kyle almost dies and legit shoves all pizzas mouth barely chooses. So get stuck right. Yeah the cheese. The cheese is a problem and he didn't hit in hindustani because he couldn't speak and at first of all. Here's kyle house beleaguered. He's he's a former no real world guy in a former soap opera actor so he knows how to grab the attention. When we're on the set a four shot connel's they'll do a shoulder shrug. it'd be like zoom lander. He he knows how to grab the scene. So i'm thinking..

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