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Two lonzo's not ball dominant where you just driven while you watch any crossover and make a layup down the length enjoy anybody's enjoyed playing with my boy shannon is lavar right about lawns fitting better with lebron than kyrie dads can we get some look a little context with this because lavar just like the throat these broad general statements listen first of all lonzo is not the offense of talent that carry well obviously now so he's gonna be unselfish with the ball and give it up because he can't score the basketball is very he can scored some he can't score like karen we can't lebron is the one guy that has a high fist total that can score the basketball because thank about skill twenty seven and the average twenty seven point two point three four career and he's also seven eight assists four career i get a we don't normally see guys john stockton average what ten eleven says but he's only a fourteen thirteen fourteen fifteen point of nights score go we see how this going skip maybe he's right to a to a degree certain degree skip he's correct because logs will give the ball look it will reported that lavar lebron says that this juncture i've never been able to play up the ball as much as i would like correct i would like to have someone that can priscilla tate the offense take me off the ball so now i can just go get buckets i don't really have to worry about everybody is getting everybody else involved so lonzo because he's not the score because he's not the shooter he's more likely to pass the ball up and he does of you himself currently skip if ola brian level where carrozza bra i'm just as good as you especially offensively i go get bucket and that is but let me tell you the one thing that lonzo ball can't do that carrying can he can go get your forty one in a game five of nba finals he can get john yet i mean maybe someday you don't know i saw get twenty nine one nine at phoenix in the second nba game ever played just for the record that's pretty good we've seen guys play really really well in the regular season yeah what happened when it comes playoff times give forget the first round second round we're talking about the nba the grand stage and you know how much i love kyrie but go ahead can can lavar dot with this gift his son is going to have to play with rondo and for you to play against rondo you keep them oh he's just a little point guard and guy the very try to be very bare respective of people's parents i remember having the conversation with my mom i said you have to understand just like your mom everybody else that you see on shannon sharpe team somebody's up here that somebody's mom somebody's dad step mom stepdad's nificant other show them the same respect you'd want them to show me lavar ball refused i mean what if somebody would have allowed somebody say that about lonzo he would be very very upset he would he seemed to be bear bear just miss him and he thinks kurt he thinks but it's not you are perry will you please stay in your place because some eventually somebody's going to check lavar ball they're not gonna let him he they paired and people are very very cautious gift should take shots that people's parents but sometimes when as he likes to say stay in your lane would you keep getting on every getting everybody else's laying agree you get five swine right you all right so stop taking shots at people raise your rondo is a proven commodity eight.

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