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Air uh causes the outer surface to melt uh and actually y'all blue bits are flying off all the time the meteorite we get on the surface is as just a small piece of what entered the atmosphere most sometimes the vast majority of it just ablaze away in the atmosphere and too little droplets or dust lau um so uh you know if you see a fusion crust on iraq you right away you know it's it's a meteorite you have to go any further than that in terms of determining what type it is uh more primitive meteorites um these are a type that uh still have textures and mineralogy uh that were inherited from uh condensation and a chretien in the solar nebula that's where individual mineral grains formed out of the gas so heh that was the ah a nebula before uh the planets were around and then the agglomerate together these mineral grains in uh in the in the solar nebula the dust grains bang y'all got melted into little tiny objects which we call condra lls um so these typical textures um are plainly evident to the human eye even without a microscope of but now with us with a very low power microscope you can see them quite easily most meteorites especially primitive ones contain iron metal it's actually are nickelmetal um yo you don't find that on earth except when humans have been involved in in smelting iron ore uh but uh uh so iron meddled in a in a rock is kind of indicator that it's quite likely from outer space very few occurrences on earth of native meddle in in iraq um and then uh as i said uh in the the dust in the solar nebula who went through periods of melting and formation of these little round doug lob yields of uh basically melt globules which we call condra lls an and from the that uh we got the name conned right for these primitive rocks while those stand out in you know few brake open iraq it ain't depending on on the type uh you'll you can see those quite easily in and that's a a key um uh and these have never and they've been in space for all of time right they've performed in space in traveling through space they've never they're not like from another planet or another like chipped off another well most no extract is actually um all meteorites with the only way we.

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