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Straight up and i was talking to my brother about this yesterday younger guy dig on analytics most final following minor league baseball we were talking about the the age gap where now guys who are thirty years old like brandon crawford who are used to line and balls up the middle for base hits have a second baseman or shortstop standing right there to feel the ball i said dude the shifts drive me nuts because if you're going to play a guy to pull pitch him to pull they played pablo sandoval the pull the ball yesterday and they pitched him away and he poked the ball right past swore is at third base went to two runs on double giants comeback tie the game ultimately they get another run on a on a ground ball from touching who's now reach base by the way twenty five straight games andrew mccutchen and then you get another clutch base knocked from kelvin tomlinson another guy who we're gonna have to look into this during the break is batting average with ryerson scoring position i feel like just about every time tell becomes up he's poking a single up the middle guy they're not putting shifts on all he does is slap at the ball but if you're playing pablo sandoval straight up right there that's a double play ball innings over you're gonna play a guy pull pitch him to pull that you could argue that the pitch got away wasn't even a bad pitch was a pretty damn good pitch actually just flown bad at it but let you from pablo real quicker dave before we get out because pablo he said this man you just gotta be ready and is is there anybody else you'd rather have come up on last second notice like hey i almost rather have buster getting his hacks and if he's gonna pinch it want somebody down in the cage working but in the fourth inning you're not expecting a pinch it opportunity not in a three one ballgame you're not expecting to get tabbed right van and say hey blocks coming out pablo you're coming in so bocce gets his bullpen going he tabs pablo pablo you got to be ready to go and pablo just like always wakes up ready to hit not time no time to get ready and this for everything you.

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