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Guest. Ask alex and justin after the the list to tell me which name do they prefer. Which name would they accept in which name gets bronze grudgingly to possibly become a celtics trade target. Let's say it's a knee. Smith's rob williams. In two i or something like that. A mini godfather. At all this again is contingent on what happens to horford's contractor happens to smart contract analysts williams contracts so. This is very pie in the sky. That's what that's what the is all about. So here's our tier one go out in trade for people there's not that much reporting tobacco but screw that alex justin tummy which one you prefer. The most which one comes in second in is acceptable. And which one would you begrudgingly. Add to your wishlist. I and maybe most obviously carlin thinly. Karl anthony towns also. Cj mccall and. i added dream on green to the list. Because i think that things in golden state are gonna get expensive. And that's an ownership group crazy amount of money. But i still think draymond could be gotten so out of those three established readymade would be third likes to a big three. Which do you prefer. Would you accept which one would you begrudgingly. And the celtics. If those are the options. I would prefer karl anthony towns the three. I think that towns is a similar timeline to jalen. Jason and i think that His potential has largely been wasted in minnesota. I do not think he is a good defender. I think you would have to learn how to do that. But i think if you put him on a roster with jason jalen and potentially marcus that could cover for a lot of towns defensive is and it does have to be said. He is a superb offensive player and has been basically every year of his career at serra position. So he's the guy that i would like the most of those three. I think i would accept draymond. Green i liked draymond intensity readership defense and Just high level of basketball iq. I don't love that draymond. Green is on the older side of things. And i think there's kind of similar. There's a lot of kind of crossover with what you get from on green that you could get from our for for cheaper so i i'm a little bit less enthusiastic about that fit but draymond is one of my favorite players has been for some time of those i of the names. You mentioned kim. I am not particularly interested in. Cj mccollum. I think that cj is going to be pretty expensive. And i think he has had a pretty substantial injury history. I also think that he would be a little bit redundant from play style standpoint with jalen and jason in a way that a more talented players such as bradley beal could maybe not be would be by feels a little more adaptable his game. So i'm i'm pretty out on. Cj mccollum as a future celtic. I don't particularly love that. There is one other name that i think has to be mentioned in these conversations if if only because he is a star level player who is available however he is the player that i would like the least of all of these and it is ben simmons I don't anticipate this happening. I think that philly would likely ask for jalen brown and then brad stevens would have a good chuckle to himself and hang up the phone but it does have to be said that Ben simmons is pretty available right now and so could be gotten.

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