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There was nothing in there about voice while i was finishing up the book in last fall. I figured i'd better go in and look at again. And in fact they hit an invoice. We have the right to use your voice now now. What they're gonna do with it as spotify. Got into trouble just about a month ago because they finally got their their patent on using your voice to predict what kind of music you like our interests so it is it is it's like a siren to some companies that this is a value added that we ought to pursue and people in the advertising industry resent that amazon and google have our voice prints. They're not quite sure what amazon and google do with it. I'm not quite sure it's very difficult to figure that out right. But they are preparing in the ad industry big the holding companies are trying to figure out ways in which to detect voice and to sort of merge themselves into alexa and google environments without getting her. So it's a. It's a really interesting environment that we're in whether certainly i mean a big growth area we're gonna see that's just getting started is interactive ads whereas you know that we can hear an ad and then we can actually start interacting with that ad and then we can have a whole interaction. We could do a transaction and then go back to the program that we were which i think is terrific but you know what i think is the what's going to happen though because the based on what we've known that the interaction in real time is going to start inferring things about us and then track its relationship to our purchase history sheriff and then talk about who our friends are and use those interconnections to make presumptions about what we want. And yeah i you know. It is interesting so much of that infrastructures already in place and we we you know at our advertisers know who our friends are connected. Social graph connected to the voice..

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