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Madam theory is the injury and then assault so many times it be quarterback that's amazing week one and then doesn't play the resident year will tear a team asunder their chances are um i have no idea what bridgewater looks like bought it looks like that they're done with him and bradford or bridgewater can stick around and they go with cousins maybe and wondering what vikings fans would be idle that's a good question moore always up for hearing a great 442 04 rich but keen of not being franchise tagged eighty having him hit the open market near her daniel jeremiah an hour number two what are the vikings pick do you have that yeah i do have that information right here in the body 30th they pick three of overall so um i don't i don't think they're going to go as a matter jackson by shia you majan lamar jackson thrown stefan digs thousand cook and alan cooke comeback now you're dumb mean that's absurd i occurring with ease their man right if obviously the march jackson has the ability to be a pocket passer take hits in the nfl i think he does and again i think the only conversations weather is quarterback anonymous bill polian said something i i think he's got he's got the upper hand platform and he's gotta busted ken so people listen at full details on the markets peters trade that was a big story last week kansas city shipping him out to us angeles adam schefter saying marcus peters and a two thousand eighteen sixth round pick to the rams for a two thousand nineteen second round pick in an eighteen fourthrounder so it's i've an eighteen fourthrounder and a 2019 second round pick is with the chiefs get back for marcus peters.

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