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Seemed unloving. You know, but they were survival tactics that they had to use. They had to employ in the love and service of their family, and they didn't care what other people thought about. And it's a beautiful time in my life and in my career. So much. Jada celebrate a night. We're going to sleep. Clean the hell to sleep. Okay. A nap is a celebration around here. You deserve it. That and more. Thank you so much, will. By the way, let me just say my favorite part of the whole interview is when the publicist ring your arm to stop and you kept on going. Oh, well you know that's what we do. Because when the emotions are flowing, you don't just stop at a question. No. Will Smith saw his self being this champion for those two little girls? And he saw his father in king Richard, you know, Richard Williams, and you know, one of my favorite parts in that movie is when king Richard says, the world, the world never cared or never saw. He said, the world never respected Richard Williams, but they don't respect y'all. And it just hit me because there are so many black men in this industry. So many black men in this world that are not seen and he realized the burden of strength that he carried. It was beautiful. I love that. Now you also talk to Jessica Chastain? I did. We can heat up. Oh my God. Jessica Chastain, I called her out for her meme worthy reaction and she just had to give props to one of her favorite celebrity friends..

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