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Amazing disgrace. The first presidential debate of the season descends into chaos, insult, interruption and confused and a lot of words being used by Republicans and Democrats alike to describe none of it Good. Embarrassing, disgraceful train wreck. This thing quickly deteriorated, a debate focused on the highest office in the land reaching a new low. Now, listen. Some of that is fact that debate was chaos. If you compare it, I mean, other debates have been chaos. The Lincoln Douglas debates were not as polite as people think they were, You know, but it was chaos. And I would even go further and say that they are correct that it is Donald Trump, who instigated the chaos by constantly interrupting. That is also that's also the case and we'll show you how that's Spun on both sides. But the idea that that it was Donald the disgrace was Donald Trump. Interrupting, which I would say That's fine, but not Joe Biden lying and ducking and non answering questions, and the Joe Biden was somehow like a little. You know, he's a little innocent lamb. I called the show slugger mugs, Grandpa, you know, like that Trump was this bully. But Gil Biden was just this kind of innocent old man who happened to be walking by debates page when Trump went off on him, You know, that's that's the part where they're trying to To shape your mind. That's why you know that I was not. I was joking about the debate Commission, which is this antiquated, ridiculous idea that should be gotten rid of. But But the division the commission that oversees the these debates, said it will make changes to the format of the remaining two debates. And this, according to CBS one key change of plans to implement cutting off the microphones of Trump and Biden if they break the rules. This is, according to sources, an anonymous report. I think about that for a minute again. Use your imagination. How's that going to go? Well, how is it possible? How is it possible that it won't be used against Donald Trump? How is it possible that they're not gonna go after Trump, who is more aggressive? He's more aggressive aggression is part of a debate. You want that part of the debate, But how is it possible? They're not going to be cutting off his mike? Every two seconds they are And you know, maybe that would be good for Trump. Maybe it would show people just how vicious they are, Although I don't know if that's the case. I'm not sure. Whether people have the sympathy for Trump that would make him understand what the media was doing. So let's take a look at Trump. Trump spends the debate his way. And maybe it was part of his strategy to be this aggressive. I suspect personally that there was no strategy a suspect personally that basically, his team said to one be aggressive, which was like saying to a pit bull. Here's some meat. You know you you don't need to tell Trump Be aggressive, but here's how he's spinning it. There's a cup tent. Last night. I did what the corrupt media has refused to. Dio held Joe Biden accountable for his 47 years of live 47.

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