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I think it's a lot harder than people think it is. I would love to see Tim courage running out arguing a call with an empire. Like, Panella style polite about it, are you okay? Are you? Okay. Have you been taking your meds? Is that what happened here with Paul Pender certain certain? Okay. I'm sorry. I interrupted everything here. I'll just go back to the dugout. Thank you for your time. Vosa you're on with Tim Kirch in on ESPN radio. Go ahead Mussa. Com. When you order something pricey like a cow that's pretty expensive. And they give you double. Would you return it or just played out? Well, I would return it this happened to my daughter. She ordered a like a cooker like a grill, and they sent her to grills giant grill. She must have called twenty times say you sent me to grills. I don't need to grill not paying to grills. Could you please come pick it up for some? They couldn't understand that at all. And she had an extra grill in the middle of our living room for like a month. And finally, she just sold it to a friend of hers. So she could get it out of the middle of living room. So I would send it back immediately. And I would tell them come pick it up because it's too heavy. For beta move does Bill O'Brien looked like the dad who yells execute between pitches. Every time has three year old son comes up to bet in t ball game. Does klay. Thompson looked like the nightclub busboy who comes over to wipe down the floor with a towel when someone spills. They're drink. Does stand in Gundy looked like the guy when eating a hot dog has the hotdog slip out of the back of the bone. When trying to take the first bright. Right. It was all the. The best one ever. On your on with Tim Kirch and go head one. Who do you think regrets more not playing in the modern based on aero Steve Balboni, Cory Snyder or rob deer? Arrived deer with it imperfectly today even four than those other guys 'cause he was bigger and stronger than anyone who played basically until PO Jackson came along that's up big and strong, rob deer. Was he would fit in perfectly today was much more athletic than people gave him credit for. But he was classic kitted four hundred fifty feet or punch out. So he would be the best of those three to fit into today's game. Joey Gallo is. Joey Gallo is unlike any player before him in terms of being all or nothing. Correct. Dan, Joey Gallo, who I love by the ways. Great kid. He's smart. Good athlete. All that. He has no sacrifice flies in his career. And he's got almost a hundred homers. Think about that for a second. He gets the ball in the air a lot. That's what he does. He's never hit a sacrifice fly. He's coming up on fourteen hundred old on that can't be right on the poll. Guillermo, it can possibly be right? That Joey Gallo has never hit a sacrifice fly. If your Joey gala, why waste time with a sack mistake. You would think you would get. And it was his mistakes. It's either a home run or it's a strike at how Joey Votto went. How many at bats without popping up to first base? Was it was a seven thousand Tim. Yes. And in between the seven thousand pop up Joe pop up to the first base, and I had this check today by the allies in Kinzler popped out to the first basement one hundred seventy two time. Actually, like me actually, look that stuff up and care about that. Willie moat paint. You had the most homers ever before his first sacrifice fly at this. And Joey Gallo is going for a hundred before he hits a sacrifice fly. It's an amazing thing. And and very much personify where we are in our game today. And you explain to me, how do you look that up? Do you go through every box score. And how do you find out that in kit's Kinzler, or do you just call somebody and ask allies call the alive sports are I can't find an easier. But they can find..

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