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At KRLD I'm Chris summer Jay Stevens is off the saving CBS news update accused of. Being weakened a pushover and his Helsinki meeting with Vladimir Putin President Trump is trying to set the record straight in an interview with CBS Jeff glor- Mr. Trump said he does believe the US intelligence could. Clues in that Russia interfered in the twenty sixteen election few believe US intelligence agencies is Putin lying to. You I don't want to get into whether or not he's lying I can. Only say that. I do have confidence in our intelligence agencies, as, currently constituted he was asked about the director of national intelligence is warning. That the interference continues says the threat is ongoing with that except here I mean he's. An expert this is what he does he's been doing a very good job I have tremendous faith in Dan. Coats and if he says that I would accept that I will. Tell you though it better. Not be he said he told we can't have this CBS news. Update I'm Pam. Coulter it was a record setting day for the state's power grid between three and four this afternoon Arcand says demand peaked at, seventy one. Thousand four hundred thirty eight megawatts, broke the old record from August of two thousand sixteen and then an hour later urquhot set another. Record seventy two thousand one hundred ninety two megawatts people have their air conditionings running they're trying to keep. Cool we understand that and our priority is keeping those running. Or consta- research gauge says they expect to keep hitting new demand records as the summer. Heat continues out of all the power consumed across the state here North Texas we make. Up about forty percent and as the heat. Wave continues, doctors reminding you. To know your limits and. Take the proper precautions if you're going. To be outside at US MD in, Carrollton Dr Chong Yoon says not only do alcoholic Beverages like beer dehydrate you. Sugary drinks, like soda have the same effect there you want. To make sure. That you are drinking clean water just as much as you are drinking the other. Beverages I I like to recommend electrolyte enhanced beverages especially smart water is one of my favorite because it doesn't have that access of sugar says it's also very important to wear sunscreen with an SPF rating of thirty or. Higher a woman is in custody after a. Shocking Bank robbery attempt in. The town of Murphy KRLD is Austin your has that police say. It was thirty. Six year old Evelyn Masumi who entered the Bank of America at around one thirty this afternoon in port out gas and lighter, fluid on. The floor and then threatened to, ignite it if she didn't get cash when police arrived officers used a stun gun and pepper spray. To try to stop her but Masumi was able to make it. To her car and pulled a small Child from the back seat using it to shield herself from police assuming eventually surrendered and the child was taken a children's, medical center to be evaluated no one was injured in. The attempted robbery Masumi has been charged with robbery and endangering child Austin York NewsRadio KRLD accident investigators are on the. Trail, of an oak cliff man, for a, deadly crash early Saturday in Dallas KRLD is healthy Phillips reports they have a name a license. Plate number but not the man the fatal wreck was actually part of another couple of accidents in the northbound lanes of I thirty, five e between market center and medical. District the first wreck was between two cars minutes later Twenty-seven-year-old amid Shahada was driving along didn't see the racket then involved in a previous accident with two other people that have been involved in I accident he took some photographs of the accident. Scene and was returning to. His vehicle on the side of traffic when he was actually struck and killed tone up, against his vehicle person who hit Shahada did not stop police got a picture Of, his license plate and say they want to talk to an oak cliff man named. Jeff body they're hoping the public and help. Find him we have pictures from the sheriff's office.

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