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Somebody's life fifty dollars their how's that for an awesome segue fifty dollars a a fifty dollar tax deductible contribution we'll have an impact a fifty dollar tax deductible contribution to food for the poor will directly feed one hungry child in haiti for a year and directly give that one child in haiti water for life can't do nothing about the war on trump can't do anything about the race four in america you can make sure that just one child in haiti we'll have water for life if you contribute fifty dollars to food for the poor now i'm trying to be rulli provocative and i'm trying to get inside your head in your heart because this is our last day partnering with food for the poor this summer but come on now you know that's pretty powerful don't you come on now there are very few places we're a fifty dollar contribution can make any difference here's one food for the poor call eight four four right now eight four four eight six to forty six seventy three that's eight four four eight.

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