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In the middle of sam's top five for a tuesday number three hey guys guys what the snow is not over yeah what are you sound so happy about know from as if the weekends record breaking snowstorm hasn't been there's more another system though not as potent is promising to pile on the fifteen to twenty two inches that we already got blanketed with and already has given us the snow as april and record it could be a tough pill to swallow for even the hardiest of minnesotans who spent yesterday digging cars out of drifts nearly two feet high ours i don't know about you guys but the drifts at my house feet deep yeah the the drifter that came off my roof on my deck is still taller than me i have drifts that are taller than ponies and watching them try to leap through them just getting their hay and water was pretty great but so these snowclogged streets did cause several metro area schools to call off glasses yesterday minneapolis and saint paul public schools announced the classes will resume today yeah it's going to be gone pretty quick that we look at the temperatures hitting the sixties by the end of the weekend it's already yesterday it was already altered yesterday we had a we had a pretty pretty solid coating on our on our sidewalk and and our porch that's all gone and and and even the big giant drift on my deck you could see had had depleted quite a bit the temps are going to keep this free it's not gonna stick around for terribly long we're just gonna be drowning in mud yeah a lot of wet expect a lot of i wonder what this is going to do for for the flooding situation though in the spring and in in those flood prone areas i don't know i guess we'll find out number four three people were injured in a pleasant view elementary student knife attack from levin an eightyearold students at pleasant view elementary school came to school the knife yesterday morning and attacked three fellow students sending two of them to the hospital according to sock rapids a police chief perry buys the children had a superficial wounds to the backs of their heads to be stitched up that's terrible and nobody else was seriously injured the victims are out of the.

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