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But it was it was not it just wasn't top of mind for me thanks in large part cunningham says to muriel siebert back in nineteen sixty seven siebert paved the way becoming the first woman to own a seat on the new york stock exchange she kept pushing and she had to get sponsored to be a woman and the first nine people she asked said no you know and even when she finally did get in there wasn't there wasn't a whole lot of support for having her there so she did that hard work and so that that's inspirational but not all the doors were fully opened so they turned phone booth number five they turned into a ladies room right next to fumbles number five was the men's room and they were literally big saloon doors attendance couches the whole thing when i left the trading floor in two thousand five it was still the phone booth upstairs it was only within the past ten eleven years that there was a properly stacey cunningham isn't the only prominent woman of wall street on the move this year the beloved fearless girl statue is heading from a spot in front of the charging bull to her own perch in front of the new york stock exchange what does that fearless girl the greatest thing i love her i think she challenges corporate america to do better you know when you look at the number of women in the corner office seo's less than five percent of the fortune five hundred women and and not necessarily growing but for me i just look at her and i think she is taking on the world and she's not afraid at all again that was cbs's dana jacobson reporting if you're up right now because you're working the graveyard shift you'll probably find this interesting university of colorado boulder scientists.

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